Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dear O2: Please Feck Off Calling Us

I have a mobile phone number, with T-Mobile or whatever they're called nowadays, which I've had for ages. I don't tend to change my number (or my phone) very often.

Likewise, Elder has had his same number, with Vodaphone, since before we moved to Berkshire. That's 6 years. He has had it since before Mini was born even. All in all, I think he's had his number for about 8 years.

Neither of us have ever been with O2.

Not for any specific reason other than I liked that T-Mobile gives me 100 free minutes a month for every tenner I top up. And Vodaphone gives Elder free weekend calls for a tenner too. So, all in all, we don't spend massively on our phones every month. We email, we chat online, it's easier.

Which may now leave you wondering why I'm asking O2 to feck off.

Well, for the last 3 weeks, Elder has been getting called, sometimes ten times a day (and night) by O2.

Most times, he answers and they immediately hang up. Other times, it rings twice and stops. But it's always the same number: 01619023780.

When I ring it back, you get a standard "Hi, this is O2, we called you today, but don't worry, we'll call you back again soon".

And so they do. Again. 

And again.

And again (at night).

You can't ring them back and actually speak to anyone. 

You don't get left a message, or sent a text that you could send back with "please stop bloody annoying me I'm not with you and not bloody going to be".

If o2 are trying to sign people up, then they are hardly going to impress with this annoying level of dropped calls, are they? I'm not going to be impressed with a telecoms company whose telecoms equipment is such they can't help but drop calls. 
Until they invent one of these that you can play vinyl on, Elder's not that bothered

I'm not going to change my number, I don't want an iPhone, a Galaxy, a Note or that phone which has blown people's houses up.

Elder does not want a contract, he doesn't text, he has an old person Nokia that he's only just worked out how to play the radio on. He does not surf on his phone. Nor does he want to.

We don't bloody want O2.

So, dear O2

Please kindly feck off!

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  1. Elaine Livingstone21 August 2013 at 19:29

    I have to say the ones ding my head in are PPi claim calls. I have never had a mortgage, credit card, bank loan etc etc and so dont need your service and no matter how often I press 9 to remove my name from the list the calls keep coming.

  2. O2 Social Media Team21 August 2013 at 20:02

    Hi there, we’re sorry to hear about this. We’ll investigate
    further to find out why this is happening, thanks for letting us know.

  3. How annoying!!
    I'm with 02 and they hardly bother me....A get a few texts a month and that's

  4. The amount of times I have had that on my phone, both mobile and landline where they phone me 2 rings I pick up and they hang up now if I recognise the number just leave it

  5. In 6 years of blogging I have never ever seen a brand reply to a blog. Well impressed and hope for Claire's sake that it gets sorted x


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