Monday, 21 October 2013

GBBO: Why Are Us Ladies So Mean To Ruby?

I love a bit of Bake Off.

Personally, I'm not one of the women who unfeasibly fancy Mr Hollywood, I do heart Mary Berry and her kick ass for a Granny wardrobe though. That and I love to sit back with some cakes of my own (or like last night when I caught up, with a bowl of doritos and dip), and draw inspiration from the baking.

One thing I cannot get my head around this year? The venom, the spite, the sheer pitchfork waving anger directed towards Ruby.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Ruby should win. If she wins, though, she does, its no biggie. Its not like she's an X Factor contestant who will clog up our radio airwaves for at least 1 year. 

The thing is, TV is edited, heavily so. If a recipe on the show is filmed over two hours, it's not going to be shown in its entirety, it just wont fit.

So yes, we do get lots of panicked side head motioned puppy dog eyes and frustration from Ruby. But I don't see this as her using her looks (personally, I think she looks a bit weird, but then I think that of Lara Stone and a few other models anyway, that androgynous thing they have going on. That and her nose is a bit wonky, quite like my own). I see it more that she wants to be as good as she thinks Paul and Mary want her to be. We get to see what the production team want us to see. If they all stood there, cooking, without a bead of sweat or a frustrated look, it would make for a boring show.

Perhaps she has been given a leg up in the view of some into the final. Again, I think the judges, who lets face it know their stuff more than us arm chair critics, are going on not just that week for the final, but all the weeks. 

It can't be argued that Ruby has pulled off some great bakes. Yes, she's down on her abilities sometimes, but I do the same in my own kitchen, and if something goes wrong it doesn't half piss me off too. Its not because I'm up my own arse. It's just that I know I can do better.

I hate to utter it, but it does strike me that people, especially women, are down on her because she's considered pretty, because she is good in the kitchen and has paraded around in front of a camera. I saw some amazing shots of her time as a model, but the show has her listed as a student, not an ex-model. 

As for when she has gotten vocal on Twitter against criticism, good for her. I love a girl with balls. It also doesn't tally with this supposed needy behaviour we see on the show.

So, whilst I hope Kimberley wins, as she's by far been the most stylish and accomplished baker this season, I wont cry foul if Ruby triumphs.

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