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11 Questions, Answered By Me (as Posed by Liska)

I haven't done a meme or similar in ages! If you look at the early days of the blog here (so 2009) I used to get tagged in them almost fortnightly, but then, I suppose it didn't take too long for my name to come up as there were far less of us then.

I have a spare few minutes, so thought I'd pull up a chair and answer the below as posed by the lovely lady that is Liska at New Mum Online.

1: If you are into soaps, are you a Corrie or Enders girl?

Sadly, I'm neither. I grew up in a Corrie and Enders watching house, and have happy memories of being at my Nan's watching Emmerdale (with the radio on in the background, and watched via VHS as my Nan used to watch it live when it aired and again in the morning in case she'd missed anything). I did religiously watch Hollyoaks since the beginning, but recently I dip in and out as it's got a bit daft of late with gangsters and the like. I do watch Enders when Elder's friend Ian stops over- he does not look the type to watch a soap bless him, but he loves it!

I prefer watching catch up TV of stuff I missed when I was too tired to stay up past 9pm when the Brats were littler. I also love comedy like Midnight Beast and Ja'mie Private School Girl.

2: What's your Favourite YouTube Video?

I love YouTube for the music you can find on there, although Elder is definitely more into that than me, he finds it far easier to find a tune on there than in his records these days. I love this video, which is of a younger Littlest during his Tulisa phase (he prefers Katy Perry, Perrie from Little Mix and a girl at his school who is his girlfriend more now).

3: If you were to be rescued from a fire and given a fireman's lift by a celebrity, who would he be?

I doubt my answer will surprise anyone but it would still by Robbie Williams, despite him being hitched. I'd need lifting as well as I'd faint!

4: What is your favourite childhood book?

I loved Enid Blyton- all the Secret Seven, Famous Five, St Clairs and Faraway Tree books. I also loved Milly Moll Mandy. I've just got Mini into reading Milly Molly Mandy books, and plan on introducing Enid next. I was always reading as a kid, I had tonnes of books- I think that's why I have made sure the Brats do as well, as I try and move them away from games consoles and the like. 

5: Are you a Mummy's or Daddy's Girl?

Erm, I guess I was a Daddy's girl in my childhood as we had a lot of things in common. I liked cars, music, and stuff he liked. I don't talk to him or my Mum now, I do miss my Dad as I remember him when I was a kid. One thing I remember was I had a lump in my breast when I was about 14, and my Dad wasn't weirded out by girl stuff. He knew I was really scared about it and he bought me a CD in town. We used to go out for drives together a lot. It's pretty crap that it all went wrong, but I'm as angry with him as he probably is with me. We have our reasons. 

6: Bath or shower?

I'm usually a shower girl, but ours leaks everytime you use it (over an electrical box would you believe), so I'm now a bath girl. I do spend a ridiculous amount of time in the bath though, I read in the bath, I have nice candles, and when its charged I play my mp3 player in there. Its the only time I get a bit of peace so I make the most of it.

7: Have you ever seen or sensed a ghost?

No! I haven't ever. We used to wind each other up about a ghost at school in the bell tower but it was all rubbish as we just wanted to scare the bejesus out of each other.

8: When do you feel at peace? How? When?

That's a hard one. I'm quite easily stressed- like at the moment the whole house thing is driving me insane. I will probably/hopefully be at peace when we move and are settled. I bloody hope so though!

9: If I voted for you for PM, what would you change about the UK?

I would definitely change the lack of affordable housing for families. We were told by our local reprehensible Tory council that, should we attempt to apply for Council Housing )of which they have none themselves as they sold it all), we would have to be homeless and dragged through courts by our Craplord first, incurring fees, and then be actually homeless. Then, they would move us to Southall in London. To a B&B which we would have to move from every 6-8 weeks. And, if that's not bad enough, we'd be expected to drive the kids to school where they currently are, in Maidenhead, every day, which takes well over an hour in the rush hour and would mean them getting up at 5am. If we tried to ask for a temp school place in Southall, straightaway we would be removed from any list in Berkshire as we are "out of the borough" and if we let the kids leave school until settled, we'd be taken to court. Considering some people I know have been in this situation for 3 or more years, its not practical. 

Part of the reason I think a lot of the changes the government is currently making regards social benefits, like the bedroom tax, sanctions, and caps, leaving many destitute, is unfair is that they have to make changes but they are going about it in the wrong order. Cap immigration, remove the Uni fees for British nationals (or shut up moaning about a "lost youth"), build more affordable council housing, and tax the multinational companies like Google first. Then moan. Most people now on benefits are working families who don't earn a living wage and thus need a top up to get by. I would love to see Smugron live on the average wage he moans about so much. 

Don't even get me started on the way he treats the disabled either.

10. The youth of today are.....?

....Being let down by a class motivated system where rich kids have every right to a full education and everyone else either has to struggle to pay for it or go without. 

11. What's your superfood choice?

Is this like healthy food right? I'm rubbish at healthy food. I like salmon. That's healthy right? 

So, now I have to pick some more questions for the next lot of peeps:

1: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
2: First kiss- who, where, what did you think of it at the time?
3: Who do you stalk most on Facebook?
4: If you have finished having children, what names would you have used if you'd have had more?
5: What's your favorite book?
6: Whats your most terrible fashion faux-pas ever?
7: Are you a girly girl?
8: What's your must watch TV show?
9: If you could be anywhere, right now, with anyone, where would you be and who with?
10: David Cameron is...........? (Finish the sentence)
11: Which Kids TV show should be banished forever? 

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Good luck guys :)


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