Thursday, 3 April 2014

Is It Just Me?: Who Thinks Its Not That Farage Won, Its More That We All Hate Clegg?

Did you see the much hyped second debate between Lib Dem/Conservative Tea Boy Nick "Fame Seeker" Clegg and Nigel "Friendly Face of Racism and Sexism" Farage?

Those in the know are suggesting that Farage basically walked it, making Clegg look silly and lacking in any knowledge of what us, the electorate, want from Europe, and our continued place within it.

There was much of the expected usual fayre, with both men resembling two toddlers having a ruck- accusations of lying being the main point from both.

The thing is, I don't particularly like any of them. Don't get me wrong, I'm even less of a fan of Smugron and his Tory Eton Old Boys Club party, but I can't help think that it wasn't so much a win for Farage, but a case of most sensible, and former Lib Dem supporters, hating Clegg with a passion.


If you ask me, Clegg kind of resembles the kind of act you see on X Factor. You know the one, it happens every year. You get a band of spotty oiks, who have limited talent jump on stage, fronted by someone who is actually quite good (especially when backed by the less talented ones). 

They sit outside talking to Dermot, about how they have been through so much together, how they are like family and no chance of fame and fortune will ever rip them apart. They are tight, they believe in each other and all they stand for.

Then, they walked out on stage, and of course, the quite talented one gets told to ditch their scruples and go out on their own to seek fame. They may even get told to join a bunch of other, supposedly talented folk. It then all goes wrong and they go out in week 3 as they weren't that talented after all, to be shunned by their mates.

How is Clegg like this, I hear you ask? 

Well, think about it.

The Lib Dems have long been the third party. They had definite policies of being the party of the student, the disillusioned. My own parents voted for them. We always had a Lib Dem sign in our window come election time.

Then, Clegg got a bit bored of being in this party of losers, and on being told by Smugron that together they could lead the country, he jumped in with a party who are their polar opposite.

Straight away, all his promises, to support students against plans to bring in Fees went out the window. He chased fame and gave up everything he believed in.

Now, it's all going wrong, and whilst most of us are not fans of Smugron, he's just performing to type- greedy Tory who is only interested in his rich buddies and what they want- all of us who used to seek refuge with the Lib Dems are jumping ship.

Farage and his UKIP (BNP Lite for the Middle Classes) party of EU haters are no doubt going to hold the power if we get a hung parliament again. 

As for the Lib Dems, well, they're losing seats left right and Middle England to even wacky independent parties, such is the drive to ditch them.

Who will end up worse off as a result of the ConDem experiment? Without doubt the Lib Dems and Clegg. Even Smugron is distancing himself from Clegg- when asked on BBC Breakfast who he thought had won the debate his answer was not to support Clegg but to remark he didn't have anyone in the race.

Clegg is about to find out what happens when you ditch your mates in favour of fame.

Its a very lonely place out there Nick.

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  1. Well said and yes I think Clegg is probably one of the most disliked people in the country atm through his own greed & stupidity! x


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