Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Prom Related Issues

Mini is in Year 2- I know right? It seems five minutes ago that I was writing about her first day of school, and now, at the end of this term, she leaves to go to Juniors.

Well, actually she (and Littlest) will both be leaving anyway, and if they were already at school in Earley they would stay put and then this whole post wouldn't be here. But we'll let that slide as, until September for Mini at least who finally got a school place, they are stuck in Maidenhead for school.

At their, soon to be ex, school, they have a Leavers Disco come prom thing.

Now, as you know if you read regularly, Mini likes an excuse to go all out and dress up. She has known about the disco since December. And, as a result, she has plans. Dress plans, and hair plans, and having her nails done plans. Don't even ask her about shoes. Of course the "who is going to pay for this plan" is firmly in my lap. Or, by the time I've finished, in Elders.

The problem is that, she gets so into it that my "never did girl things as a kid as I liked cars and bikes and was too tall and gawky and not blonde" side comes out and I tend to join in and get slightly caught up in the excitement too. 

Hence, when we have gone to Slough the odd time, and walked past a shop whose window is full of big dresses with sparkles, and sparkly shoes, and tiaras, we have both ohhed and ahhed and made mental notes of what we think she should wear. 

I did chat with Elder about a big dress, and perhaps a limo (shared with some other parents). He did that look he does where he raises his eyebrow, looks sceptical and then simply says no. And no doubt wonders if it is him who is the ex-traveller and if I'm not secretly ex of traveller stock too.

I will admit, I loved some of the little girl dresses some of the kids on there wore, the kind of white frothy communion dress. I was in love with how happy and excited the kids were on that show to be wearing a big, fancy dress. They looked like they were living out their ultimate princess fantasy. I fail to see what is wrong with that if its for one event once.

As long as this is for one night only, and not taken to the extreme of spoiling a kid every day with horses, toys and stupid designer labels (apart from those craftily bought from eBay), then I am all for it.

As, of course, is Mini.

I am happy to be able to do her hair and nails myself. After the purple hair chalks at the disco, curling her hair with my Angel Curl wand and dabbing a bit of pink nail polish will be tame in comparison. 

She has already spotted that primark have some nice glittery shoes which, granted will probably fall apart after two wears but cost about a fiver.

The Limo isn't happening down to the move as it would cost loads too much to pick her up first from Earley and then everyone else from Maidenhead. Which is a shame but we can always put some ribbon on the Mini (if Elder doesn't do the look again and the no).

Its just the dress t go and I'm tempted to call up my old mate eBay for one, as I'm sure these types of dress are worn once for a party or do and then sold on.

What do you think?

Would you allow your daughter to instigate Princess mode? Or send them in jeans?

Comments below guys :)

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  1. Of course you should go for it! How fun. I think only two things would make me hesitate - if you were doing this kind of stuff all the time and it stopped being special (and you already said you don't and it is, so no worries there.) The other thing would be if what you are doing is way beyond the financial means of other kids who will be there and what you are doing would make them feel jealous / inadequate. We live in Turkey, and the kids go to a (wonderful) village school. The majority of the other kids who also go are poor. A significant minority are so poor it's a struggle for them to buy uniform, shoes, anything. The school tries hard to minimise the effects of this - in my sons first year we were given a list of "food not to give your child" which essentially banned a load of expensive stuff that kids who couldn't afford it would be jealous of (stuff like themed yogurts, and bananas (! - fruit is seasonal here, bananas are imported and so expensive.) Having not lived in the UK for the last decade I may be wrong in thinking this probably isn't so much of an issue, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.


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