Sunday 18 October 2009

IN REVIEW-Simple Human Shampoo Dispenser-UPDATED!!

Just to let you know, this will be the last review I shall be doing via this blog page,  I now have a separate page at for reviews. Look out for that!

For now, I was asked by Rose to check out one of Simple Humans Stainless Steel soap dispensers.

Now, can I just start off by saying that this may be the most pointless gadget in the existence of the universe! It does look funky and attractive, but sort of put me in mind of the sort of thing you find in a nicer restaurants loo!

It can be screwed into the wall, or glued using the gel and sticky pads provided. It is also as you'd expect for something that will spend the majority of its time getting soaking wet, stainless and rust proof. It can hold a large bottle of shampoo too, and it comes with a handy hook to hang...well its quite a small hook so probably a flannel is about all.

I decided to glue mine to the wall, as you who regularly read my blogs know, I move house at a rate of once a year so didn't want to have to replace the (albeit awful) expensive tiles my landlady put up. I also wanted to briing my funky gadget thing with no real purpose in life with me when I move again.

Or I did.

I wouldn't recommend gluing it. Ever.

I filled the dispenser with a brand spankers new bottle of Pantene, costing me  3.69. Its my one luxury that I buy a decent brand of shampoo instead of shops own pants, as my hair is a pain in the bum and it only likes Pantene.

I then got up the next morning to find the dispenser in the bath, minus lid, and all the shampoo down the plughole. Not good at all.

So if I were the marketing people I would consider chucking the idea of the glue and sticky pads and tell the consumer to screw the thing to the wall.

I do see it as something that could have a longer term use If our latest media obsession with packaging continues, it would be easy to give the consumer the opportunity to buy a recyclable small packet of shampoo to refill the dispenser with. It's kind of like the coffee company that has asked customers to but a small packet and refill the glass jar from their old purchase.

However, as I say, it would need to sort out the falling off the wall with the use of glue issue first.


The lovely Rose has contacted me after seeing the post originally, and so concerned are the company re the glue not working issue I had, they are looking into it. I would like to point out that noone else has experienced the same thing, so maybe its my dodgy shiny tiles!

They were also nice enough to offer a replacement bottle of shampoo, and anything else that may have been broken when it fell, as they were so disappointed in what happened!
 Now theres customer service for you, so 10/10 to Rose and Simple Human for after care services.

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