Sunday, 25 October 2009

Woolen Coats-The Scourge of Mothers Everywhere.

I don't mind winter.

I know that's quite a radical statement to make as most people hate the cold, rain and snow that's bound to follow. Plus all the chaos that ensues due to the aforementioned light dusting of slush we seem to get in mid January.

But no, I love it-the smell after it rains of fresh air, the excuse to wrap up in big jumpers and jeans, and the fluffy Ugg boots. (I know some people insist on wearing these in the summer, but please, whats worse than Uggs in summer? The stench of feet when you take them off for starters...). I have a stockpile of very old, men's jumpers that due to their bagginess hide a multitude of mummy flab!

I also love coats.

For some women its shoes, for others handbags, but for me it's coats that rock my world. Well, OK, I used to have far too many handbags, but after Chrissy came along, I found that a phone, keys, purse, plus nappies, wipes and all the other baby related crap we have to lug round would not fit in my beloved postage stamp handbags. I now have a Dunlop Green Flash sports bag, which is admittedly funky but not my usual cup of tea.

But coats are always needed and are not reliant on children or your lack of them.Coats don't have to change, right?


The latest Coat du Jour seems to be the very nice woolen coat. I love the look of these. They remind me of posh school coats. I had one when I was 14, a Windsmore navy blue one, which I bought with my Christmas money from a second hand shop in Maidstone. No one else at school had one, which did not make me the Kate Moss trend setter of Robert Napier School, rather it got me picked on as it wasn't one of those awful puffa jacket things that everyone else wore. The trendiest had gold or silver foil effect ones. Yeuch.

I had one last year, from Top Shop. Its grey with a black check design, very warm, and looks just as good with jeans and a sloppy jumper as with a nice "Yes I've actually bothered to not throw on the first thing that didn't need ironing this morning" outfit too. Hurrah!

Slight problem.

When it rains, what do most women tend to do?

Well, you say, we put up a brolly of course.

Yes, that's correct. But what about when you are walking through town (I still don't have a car), with a buggy and it starts to rain?

The problem is, you cant feasibly push a buggy and hold a brolly. Fact. Especially if its a Quinny Zapp, and you need both hands to push it elsewise its in danger of veering into a pedestrian, a shop display, or worse, the road and on coming traffic.

This happened to me last year (the getting wet bit not the buggy in the road bit).

And after 30 seconds in the downpour, I no longer liked my coat anymore.

When I got home (and I lived right at the top of a hill about 20 minutes walk from town just to make it worse), I was drenched, shivering and smelt like a wet sheep.

And then theres the constant dry cleaning bills. And the obsessive watching of three news and weather channels to check on the possibility of rain versus wearing coat.

So my investment coat from last year is now sat in the cupboard redundant.

I am now raiding every shop trying to find a nice sensible waterproof parker, but haven't had any luck as yet.

So, before you venture out to buy that winter essential, heed my warning-if its not water proof and you have a buggy, step away from the coat!

Another Public Service announcement from Twenty Something Mum!

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  1. I can't wear woollen coats due to the blazer I had at school which as soon as it go wet smelt like a dead dog! I totally agree with you, waterproofs only! xx


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