Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fashionista? Erm, Maybe not...

Those of you who follow myself and some of the other Mummy Bloggers on Twitter (@20somethingmum for those of you who don't but would like to) may have noticed an interesting discussion we've all been having.

It all started when  Zooarchaeologis from Being a Mummy mentioned how she needed a make over. Suddenly, a load of us fellow Mummies, including myself all sent our collective sympathies and agreed that we too were desperately in need of fashion, hair, in my case everything, advice.

So, Cafe Bebe  started a trending topic,#makeoverzooarchaeologis.

I then asked if I could change it somewhat, to #makeoverthemummybloggersthismorning, and began pestering Phillip Schofield to give us a make over on the show. The topic was then retweeted to several others.

As the day went on, I had suggestions for GMTV, Gok Wan and all sorts of similar shows that we could ask to give a group of us poor overworked  Mummies a make over in time for Christmas, and have now emailed them all.(I must say though, I may have to employ a body double if Gok says yes-I may cause a national outcry for taste and decency if I got my so called, ahem, "Bangers" out).

The general line I have put to them is that we want to be more MILF than Mothercare for a change, and that we are all concerned that our Christmas trees will be better dressed than we are!

Then GMTV emailed me with a link. Lorraine, (who I think is great, my sister in law used to see her in Marks and Spencer when she worked in their London store and said she was so bubbly and polite), is inviting people to email in why they want to be made over in time for Christmas, so again, I emailed a nice little begging letter to them too!

So now, I have my fingers crossed that they will get in touch.

The point is, I have looked exactly the same since I was at school. Same hair style, same clothes, same everything. I literally open my wardrobe and it's pants- jeans that are baggy and ill fitting, jumpers that are worn to shiny, and t-shirts that I can't stand. I don't ever wear skirts, or dresses, and as for high heels, at five foot eight I always feel like a drag queen when I try and hobble about in them.

The only time I looked different was when I was 17 and 18, and I dyed my hair pink to annoy my Mum when I left home. I  took to wearing very questionable clothes and a fake lip ring, as well as half hundred weight of eyeliner, and the occasional fairy crown and wings. My most famous outfit (and I use the term "outfit" in the loosest sense) at the time was a silver hologram halternecked, backless dress, a pair of black tights that had multi coloured Smarties all over them, a pair of white, knee high, platformed boots, all topped off with my bright pink and red stripey hair. And I wore that in the middle of winter.

In the daytime.

Another choice combination was red fishnet tights with a pair of 1980's electric blue tights underneath. I wore Doc Marten boots that I had dripped violet paint all over too, and thought nothing of buying a smart office style secretary dress that was boring and dressing it up with mad tights or jackets. Tourists used to ask to take my picture.

But then I met Ed, and steadily toned it down, although not because he told me to but because he dressed quite smartly and I wanted to impress him (although that backfired as he told me not that long ago that he missed me dressing like I did then)  until I am at the point where I bore myself. I didn't want to be the weird Mummy, the Mum who wears mad clothes or has crazy hair- I remember Mum's like that from school, and the grief their kids had to put up with.

But I am fed up with looking like a student in jeans, trainers and baggy jumpers. And I have lost any idea on how to look OK, let alone how to glam up for Christmas.

So, I am hoping beyond hope that I can get us all a make over, and help me find me again.

So, if you happen to know of anywhere that may help us all in our plight, or you are a PR who works for one of these shows and just happens to have stumbled upon this blog please help get the Mummy Bloggers a Make Over!


  1. Oh god yes. Count me in. I am as frumpy as a very frumpy thing. I live in hand me downs, haven't had my hair cut in as long as I can remember and am now sporting a very chique shaggy dog look, and my make-up is starting to congeal from non use.

    Love the description of your teenage self. SOunds very familar... ahem. Even down to the hair (although mine was purple and an inch long) plus add in a nose ring. Sometimes I am quite tempted to become 'that girl' again. If only because I am so horribly boring now and can't stand it.

    Good luck with your campaign!! x

  2. Oh if they do come back to you then please please, please count me in. I am feeling something like a pregnant dragqueen at the moment. Espeically as I can not wear my prostectics for 3 monthds due to the additional surgery I had this week. SO I am totally flat chested and big bellied and no ideas as to how to dress for this, espeically as I was a GG before all this started - yes, I know the sublime to the ridiculous

  3. Yes!!!! Sounds like you have it all in hand. Glad you are a girl with a plan and not all speak like me, who on Wednesday November 14th 2007 first appealed to Lorraine Kelly
    I think I must be a hopeless cause lol!

  4. When I gave birth my dress sense exited stage left and the only look I seem capable of achieving is mumsy. Sigh.


  5. Oh bless you all, I guess when I get am idea in my head (and there might be freebies involved) I get a bit over excited! Must be due to living in the middle of a town where everyone dresses nice, except me, after growing up in a town where no one bothered!

    I swear if I can get us all on I will, maybe they could do a week special, 4 of us each day in different looks?

  6. I think most of us get comfortable and settle for the same look after a while. I have to remind myself to go cut and curl my hair and this usually occurs before birthdays and anniversaries. I am not that adverturous for a really new look but a make over sounds fun.

  7. Def count me in hun, I'm in dire need of a makeover I feel and look tired and old x


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