Sunday, 22 November 2009

Reflections of The Pebble Dash Woman

Yes, I have made my gran proud of me.

I have been featured, along with some of my other Mummy Bloggers at large, in an article for the Independent on Sunday. And yes, I will happily be signing autographs at London Zoo next week!

There I was yesterday, buying some very nice ankle boots from Clarks when I decided to check my email on my phone. I've had to do this since last Sunday as my net was off again (look out for my review of 3 on my dedicated page, ).

In my inbox, along with the usual spam about having won gazillions of pounds and sex drugs for sale was an "Urgent Media Request" message.

Now, being an up and coming (tee hee) Blogger, I don't generally get messages of this nature. I get messages from PR companies offering me their wares (and my friends are doing rather well out of that now too), but never a media request, much less an urgent one. So I thought it was spam.

I have a bit of a confession to make at this point.

When I get those spam messages I mentioned above, about how I just have to lend them my bank details and they'll trust me to keep a great wodge of cash safe for them (yeah right!), I actually send a message back. It was Ed the Ex who originally started this. I like to think of these linked-to-terrorists-crims sitting in their lair (I take it they have these? They do in James Bond films) when a reply message pops up from me, and them stroking a cat in a big chair (Yep, James Bond again with a bit of Inspector Gadget there) thinking "ha ha (In evil laugh fashion), another gullible one of the English for me to rob so she can't spend her money on shoes and Heat magazine".

When they open my message I tell them exactly where they can shove their "money", and that I'm not a silly, gullible old lady doing knitting on my draylon sofa, so bog off.

So, it was probably a good thing I actually read the email first!

I got home and gave the guy a call, feeling very important as they'd picked me for my political knowledge. It should really have struck me that my political knowledge, despite studying A Level Politics for a year, is not what it once was. I do watch the news but either have to listen over Mini moaning for kids programmes, or Edward moaning because his teeth. Or I'm half asleep when its on in the evening. I do know that David Cameron was a Heat Torso of the week a few weeks back, and that Boris Johnson, who I thought was a politician send up comedian, actually is a politician, and the Mayor of London now too!

So, I gave my honest opinion, that I had voted Labour, because I was 19 and it was trendy, a fate worse than death to vote Tory, and my parents voted Lib Dem, so I didn't want to do copy them. When my Mum asked me who I'd voted for, she made me promise not to tell my Nan, who had canvassed support for Maggie Thatcher before she became the PM, so she would not be happy with me!

I am now, however, looking more favourably towards the Torys.

I did say that I felt quite sorry for poor Gordon. He kind of looks like Sad Sack from the Raggy Dolls (you'll know what I mean if you're an 80s child), and I do think that when he took over from Tony Blair he was spectacularly scape goated to take the blame for mistakes made prior to him taking up his position.

However, he slowly looks to be losing the will to live, when compared with Charismatic Mr Cameron. I did also say I felt that no politicians could ever be trusted, but that at least when he had been wrong about a policy David does seem to apologise and admit it.

I added that the main thing I thought the parties needed to act on was the scraping of the Child Care voucher scheme, in light of the recession and the knock on effect of more couples having to work and place the kids with a child minder.

I also said that I felt a big vote winner would be tackling the unfair immigration system we have. I feel that to get the country back on track we need to stop money being taken out of the country. We can do this by regulating the number of foreign workers our companies employ, as they then spend their wages abroad. If we employ mainly British workers, firstly the financial climate will be given a leg up, by this workforce spending their income in businesses on our shores, and secondly it will help turn the tide on the Unemployment figures, which continue to rise.I said that I felt most politicians are afraid to voice this, for fear of sounding like Nick Griffin, and being accused of racism. Another point was that if we look at Ireland, and Australia they have a booming economy, and are doing very well indeed compared to us.  They also operate a system for immigration whereby you must contribute a skill and have a minimum amount in the bank before you can claim citizenship. A marked difference to us who allow people to come over and sit on the dole, when schools and hospitals are desperate for cash.

So, my few lines are a little bit less then what I said on the phone, but it was nice to see Mini and I in the paper. She is baffled. Why is she suddenly in a paper, and sitting on the sofa too?

I have to say I'm not too keen on the term Pebble Dash Woman, as this is a slang term for having the runs where I'm from and missing the loo! Sorry if you're having your lunch!

*PS Thanks to Sandy for letting me steal the shot of the paper for my blog post!


  1. Hello, this is Let-Down-Lady from Suffolk (LOL)...and there I was hoping I'd get Sandy's title of Cybermum. I too was surprised by how little of the interview was included in the feature. I'd covered all sorts of things to do with education, sustainability and caring for ageing parents. Great points you've made Claire. I'm in the middle of writing up my blogpost too. Thank goodness for blogs eh. And I wouldn't worry about the PDW, your comments and position came over really well.

  2. Oh bless you! I don't mind the PDW thing, I actually laughed very loudly over that, I just know my ex will wet himself when he phones later!

  3. LOL, so funny... :-D

    Being normally very optimistic about stuff, I just *know* my friends will enjoy spending the rest of the year referring to me as "Let-Down" Lady at almost any opportunity possible...sounds too close to Tena Lady for my liking :-D

  4. I thought 'Worcester Woman' was hilarious as I got made redundant by a company based in Worcester a couple of years back and I'm still not thinking too kindly of them ;) it's interesting how none of us are convinced though by any party - let's start our own!! xx

  5. I'm so glad I'm Cybermum :-)

    I think we all came across well, although more quotes and a smaller photo would have suited me!

  6. Sandy and Liz-I agree with you both! Firstly, I did think we'd be quoted a little more heavily, and Liz, I would love to start a political party-was once a Vice Chair of my local Youth Parliament!

  7. I think you all came across really well, but didnt understand the term pebbledash woman or the significance of it!!


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