Friday, 18 December 2009

Festive Friday-"Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow"

Yes, it has happened.

Britain, or the Southern chunk of it anyway, has had a few inches of snow. So what has happened?

Yes, predictably, we've all come to a standstill!, although personally I think with a mere week to go until Christmas day, most have looked for any excuse, and the weather has granted them thew perfect one.

Well, we've been enjoying the snow-once we got the stuck back doors open with brute force.

You're not meant to eat it Mini!

Mummy, I'm not impressed!

That's the idea-throw it child!

Really should not have had 2 inches hacked off my hair.

Oh dear-I do feed the child!

Have fun in the snow, and have a hot drink on me!


  1. Oh bless - looks like you're having a lot of fun there! Ours has completely disappeared now but apparently there's more coming tonight - fingers crossed!

  2. last year when we had all that snow in London I would REALLY be considered just an overgrown kid...
    what is it with the white stuff that has this effect in grown up people??? :)


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