Monday, 28 December 2009

(Too Much) Christmas Cheer

Bleugh, is all I can say at the moment.

I think I drank that much Baileys I have damaged myself permanently.

Yes, we had a very good Christmas in our house.

The children both liked their presents, although I shall be doing a review at Mummy reviews on which toy companies have the most stupid amounts of packaging on one toy.The idea is that when your little cherub rips off the wrapping paper that you have lovingly despite being cack handed wrapped their gift to perfection in, they want to get stuck in to the toy immediately. Unless they don't much like it and them its tossed to the side to gather eternal dust.

So having 25 little pieces of that twirly wire stuff attaching one small Upsy Daisy to the over sized box is a nightmare. I lost count how many mini hissy fits Mini threw. And with the added pressure of her repeatedly saying "get the toy out, get the toy out" in her Dalek voice in your ear at varying decibels, its not easy. One of Edward's toys which she wanted to pinch even needed unscrewing from the packaging!

Edward was not fussed at all by present unwrapping, preferring to sit with his bottle and lay with bits of wrapping paper that Mini had thrown everywhere. The only toy he showed interest in was the cheapest, a set of three chunky aeroplanes from Early Learning Centre, which he interchanged purely for their chew factor, pausing only to mumble "brmm brmm," which he says for everything.

On Christmas Eve, I brought the presents down as soon as I heard that both where asleep. And was immediately harangued by Ed the Elder and his brother  with tales of how they didn't get as many presents between all six of them than their was for just Mini alone. I did point out that they grew up between the early 60s and late 70s, and they were more frugal times (apparently, as I wasn't born until 1982). Ed even mentioned how I thought I hadn't bought enough. I couldn't actually fit them under the tree so used the dining table instead which was full to the brim. But in my defence quite a few were sent by my PR friends for work done or for review, and some were from the sisters in law. So there!

I got my Take That coffee table books from Ed although from the children, and was very pleased to add to my collection of Take That memorabilia.

Anyway, the dinner was gorgeous and was eaten whilst Mini and I looked at Robbie Williams adoringly on Top of the Pops (when Mini said "want Robbie" I told her she wasn't the only one, what a great piece of mother-daughter bonding).

Bot the kids looked great- Edward had a shirt, tie and waistcoat set on that his Aunt bought him for his birthday, but that had been too big, and Mini for a short while looked a million dollars in her dress and furry shrug. Until she moaned and stripped off the dress as she hates wearing them. We compromised by leting her pick one from her wardrobe.

Then when the kids were in bed, in their new jammies, I had a few Baileys. I swear I had no idea that was made with whisky. I will never drink Baileys again ever.

I have never experienced a hangover like it. I spent most of Boxing Day in bed, which didn't go down well. Although Ed did laugh that he'd never seen me look so rough (charming). I still don't feel up to standard, and can no longer bend down or look to my right without experiencing vertigo. Although this might also be the head cold I've had for about a week now too.

But onwards and upwards. I am getting in as many high fat naughty foods as possible between now and January the first, as that when I start my diet and exercise plan. I am sick of not finding any clothes that fit in the wardrobe, and am so unfit a snail could overtake me in a race. I don't want to be one of those Mum's who doesn't take the kids swimming as their size in a swimming costume puts them off. I am such a slummy mummy it's shocking. So I am personally giving up my Chinese and sweeties, and will be back to the diet I tried with success four years ago before I became pregnant with Mini. I had grown to a size 16 and was unhappy, and managed to slim to a size 10 in 6 months. I will eat plain fish and chicken with salad or rice, no sauces during the week, then eat spuds on a weekend with my roast, and the odd bit of chocolate, not a whole family sized bar in one sitting.

Wish my luck, I think I am going to need it!

Happy New year to you all xxx


  1. I hate all of the little wire twist and plastic snaps in toys :( I spent all of christmas eve unpacking the toys and just wrapped them up out of the boxes :D Also saves wrapping paper. We had 5 tins of roses for Christmas... I am also starting to feel rather bleugh :O

  2. Oh you poor girl. Boxing day in bed? Ugh. So what will it be for New Year's Eve then? Orange juice? All the best to you and yours in the coming new year!

  3. Great post, very entertaining. Tell me though, are Chinese and sweeties fattening? I was under the impression they were good for you and not at all fattening........

    I have to say, you and I sound to have a lot in common in the weight stakes. I've been a size 16 for some years now and don't feel bad about it, unless I happen to look in the mirror when I'm in the nuddy.

    Good luck then, perhaps we should spurr each other on..!
    CJ xx

  4. Oh I know, it's always the way that nice food is bad and stuff which tastes either of nothing or of cardboard is the healthy stuff.
    I'm up for anyone who wants to join in with the diet thing! The more the merrier!

  5. Andy and I shared a litre of Baileys watching the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. Neither of us have touched it since. The worst thing was the sticky sweetness coating your teeth. Bleugh! x

  6. I am totally with you on the wiry bits. Gilby had a toy thing for the bath which took the entire duration of the bath for me to unravel. Guess he'll get to play with it next time. At five months he wasn't too fussed - will be much more of a problem next year!

  7. What do you mean, Baileys is made with Whiskey? I thought there'd be nothing but the goodness of a pint of milk and a handful of organic hazelnuts in there. Or was that Nutella? :-)))

    Happy New Year! xx MM


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