Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ed the Littler and the Great Room Re-Do.

Well, I did it, I spoke to the Health Visitor, Grace (Love her!) about Ed the Littler and his crazy behaviour. The final straw came when he came up behind Mini and hit her over the head with a bottle, then fell about laughing as she cried.

Grace was very understanding, and I told her that it was worrying me so much, and that I was a bit hesitant to say anything in case she thought I was exaggerating.

She thinks its because Mini is such a natural show off, always dancing about and grabbing the attention of adults that Littler has seen this and felt left out. He has then worked out that if he screams and generally acts nuts all day, he gets attention too, allbeit us telling him to stop it. 

Her theory is to ignore it, however hard. But when he is good, really over exaggerate how pleased we are and make a big fuss. It seems to be working so far.
So in an effort to stop him feeling left out so much, we are going to redecorate his room.

Mini's room is a shrine to Night Garden, but that was easy to sort out. It was really obvious when we moved in how much she liked the programme, so I hastily went searching on EBay for bits and bobs to do it. Her room is pretty amazing, I would've loved it as a kid, and she loves her room too. No doubt in a years time she'll have gone off Night Garden and we will have to start all over again.

Littler however, ended up with what Mini used to have- Winnie The Pooh. At the time he was still relatively small, and couldn't voice a opinion either way. But I have felt recently that we didn't put very much effort into it, and that it was starting to look a bit, well, crap actually!

He still shows no interest in characters on the Kids shows. But he does like cars, trains, and planes.
So we are going to strip the room out and do it the right way this time. We are keeping his lovely cot bed, and his wardrobe (not my choice though-its the landladies and is so huge it wont fit in the garage).

I think we shall adopt the same stickers on wall thing we did in Mini's room, so if we move again we can take them with us.  A fresh lick of cream paint will go on though.
I'm thinking something like this that I found on the net.

Then blue and transport everything. And shelves. The boy needs somewhere in the relatively small room to put his stuff.

And the Winnie the Pooh? Well Ed the Elder has ruled out keeping it for sentimental purposes, so that's going on to be sold.

Look out E Bay, Mother on a mission!


  1. This sounds fabulous. Kids loves stickers and I have a feeling it will go down brilliantly. I remember doing Amy's room years ago (needs doing again!) and I let her chose the stick-a-rounds that she wanted, then I let her help me stick them up. She thoroughly enjoyed herself.

    CJ xx

  2. Awww I'm sure littlers going to love it! I found some fab stickers on ebay and they are great as they just come off when you finish with them, they are bob but there were loads. And Focus and B&Q had a look!

    Make sure you post a finished pic please! Look foward to seeing it! :D

  3. Sounds great mate! He will love it!
    The health visit sounds like she is talking a lot of sense....
    Layla xxx

  4. Have fun decorating. We have always done the removable stickers and a border as it means you can change a room so quickly. JJ has Toy story at the moment and the girls have princesses. I hope they stay another year or two! lol Mich x


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