Friday, 22 January 2010

Not. Real. Life (May Contain Nuts)

Sally at Whose The Mummy posted an interesting blog about Cliques in Blogging, and online communities in general, and it has sparked great debate from new and old faces in blogging.

Being a relative "newbie" I have for 95% of the time enjoyed blogging. I have had some lovely comments, which I thank you all for. I have been given shiny awards in recognition of my writing (thanks for them too) and loved the Memes I have been tagged in.

Now, before this descends into a blubbing Oscar-like speech, I shall finish by thanking my agent, my cat and next doors teenage son for kicking his football on the very thin wall between his side of the conservatory and mine.

Unfortunately, being the sometimes depressed soul that I am, when I receive a knock back, I take it quite personally. Daft? Yes, of course, and I feel stupid beyond belief once I've had a good cry under the duvet.

But why is there the need for these knock backs in the first place?

As you all know, I was recently taken the pee out of for voicing that I would like to make a career out of my writing. Now, this is nothing new.

I have "written" in some way or another since I was about 8. I was featured in a Blue Peter annual when I was still at Primary school, with a poem I had written about pollution called "Save The World" (I forget how it goes!) At 10, a teacher submitted another of my compositions to a publisher who was looking for poetry written by kids. It was subsequently published too. (My Mum has a copy but forgive me for not ringing and asking for it).
At 14, I was commended for another piece in 'Smiths young writers competition as well. And my I got taken the mick out of for it!

By 16, I was writing for my schools magazine, and one article I wrote caused absolute political meltdown in my local council and led to the representative for schools in my area resigning. I was always in my local paper, giving speeches and meeting important people, as my writing had got me the Vice Chair position on what was the countries first Youth Parliament.

When asked as a kid what I wanted to do, the answer was always the same- I wanted to ride a Harley Davidson (midnight blue and chrome), live in Edinburgh near Waverley, and write for The Scotsman newspaper. At 18 this changed to NME!

I'm not trying to brag, but when I was told I was deluded to want to try and use my writing as a step up into media, well, it hurt. I have had jobs in retail, I even did a whole course in Retail Management. I worked with kids. I bloody hated both of these careers (not due to the kids, but due to the politics between Teachers and Classroom Assistants).

But why should I dismiss my goal in life?

That's when I stepped back a bit, took a deep breath.

Hell its not real life!

Its a blog. Its Twitter. Its the Mums Forums.

Bloody Hell people! Its not world peace!

We should be supporting each other, and not back biting and sniping at each other.

We can get the absolute best from these blogs- the latest example being the campaign started by English Mum to raise funds for Haiti. Now Haiti- that's real life. That's something to be worried, upset or concerned about. 

So, from now on, and to spin from what Sally suggested (sorry Sally!)  if you are new, or want me to follow you, yay, I'll follow you! If you have a super post you want me to read, I'll do that too. I'll even give you a mention on Twitter too. And if you really ask me nicely (only kidding) I'll even post a little piece on the end of my blog.

Come on people.

I'm going to quote from a piece of song nicked by Nirvana, but originally sung by the Youngbloods-

Come on people now, Smile on you brother, Everybody get together, Try and love one another, Right now!

Right, thats all from me!

I would  of course love to know what you think, but if you don't want to comment, then meh, that's cool too!


  1. Lol! I was a winner in the Young Writers competition too! It's kinda what sparked my interest in writing professionally, to be honest x

  2. you go Girl! don't let anyone crush your dreams. No no no!!

  3. If you want to write then you write, nobody should squash anybodys dreams.

  4. Agree - dont let people crush your aspirations but the rest of it, whatever, i tweet, comment, write what I like ... you either follow and read me or dont. Whatever.

    I think there are far too many people taking it all far too seriously AND a few people trying to put down what feels like 'rules'. So like I said ... whatever!

    Love this post, and looking forward to when tyou do ring your mum and publish your poem!! xx

  5. Well said.

    I find it incredible how keen some women seem to be to confirm the very worst stereotypes about how groups of women can only ever try to pull each other down. YES, let's be supportive, inclusive, respectful and maybe even grown up?

    Let's ALL make a pledge to stop back-biting, in-fighting, bitching, complaining, trolling and the like. It's just depressing after a while.

    And good luck with your ventures.

  6. You have every right to follow your dreams, and every talent to do so. I love reading your posts and hearing about your life!
    Good luck in all your adventures...just make sure you keep us posted on all your news!!

  7. Sorry totally out of the loop, I have no real idea what has been going on. I am just a fairly new blogger who is enjoying herself and yes does get a thrill when she sees her followers rise (sad I know!) but currently I only have 7 so I won't get carried away with myself! lol (if you want to take a look at my blog, feel free -

    Never let alone crush your dreams, believe and it can happen. Good luck. Mich x

  8. I'm glad that you all agree, an for your very kind comments about following my dream and keeping up the blog x

    Michelle, watch, next blog you're in it hun x
    That was the essence of Sally's excellent blog, that people like Michelle are new and feel left out when compared with more well known long term bloggers.

    Share the Love!

  9. I havent seen much of this bitching going on but cliques certainly do exist, even in the online world! Its great to see so many people being anti clique! Great post girl! :D


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