Sunday, 28 February 2010

Never Tell a Toddler an Old Wives Tale

Hi all

Just a quicky from me, had to share Mini's latest sheninigans.

We have just had a cracking dinner (cheers Elder), and due to the Dining Table being stolen to use in "The Studio" (from hell), Mini and I were sat at my desk, whilst Elder and Littlest sat with the children's little wooden table, (at which point its probably a good idea to elaborate that Elder sat on the sofa, not one of the tiddly chairs!)

I often fight a battle to get Mini to eat veggies, and in the past have told her that
  • Carrots are actually Flat Orange Sausages
  • Potatoes are Fat McDonalds Chips
  • Chicken is turkey. In fact all meats are turkey. 

All with varying degrees of success.

Well, today, I was starving, as I am back on the diet and knowing that I love to stuff myself with roasties, have had a mere cup of chicken soup today. So I wasn't really in the mood for telling elaborate lies in the form of persuading her to eat.

As usual, she was eating quite well, as her appetite has come back- I think its because at playgroup snack time the children are given sliced apple and carrot with a glass of milk or water, which is very old school (one playgroup I viewed told me that they gave the children lemonade and cookies).
She then came to an unknown entity on her plate- Cabbage.

Holding out her hand she asked me "whats that?"

I told her it was cabbage, and drawing inspiration from my Nan, told her it was good for her as it makes your hair grow.

At which point the said handful was rubbed, vigorously, through her hair. 

Luckily, she didn't have gravy today!

So, remember- Old wives tales are not always all they're cracked up to be!


  1. ha ha! you know, mine seem to end up with most of their dinner in their hair regardless! sigh.

  2. So if I eat a sandwich with the crusts on filled with cabbage will my hair grow long and curly?!

  3. LOL! My monster wouldn't even touch the stuff to ask in the first place!!

  4. Thats fantastic! Children do like to take things so literally dont they :D

  5. Ha ha That is sooo funny! im glad Ive finally sorted my google reader out - I'll be reading many more of your posts!!! :)

  6. What goes on in the mind of a child--great story!

  7. Both mine think that heinz tomato soup is invisible bob the Builder soup!!
    And it works too!!


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