Thursday, 18 February 2010

(Not) The Handbag Meme

Nope haven't been tagged, but I am so pleased!

Why, you might ask, seen as I usually love memes.

Well, its simple.  I AM NOT A NORMAL WOMAN!

Don't worry, I am not going to announce that I am a transvestite and my kids are adopted, calm yourself! (I did once live with one though. Looked better in my dresses than me. And he/she had better legs, but that's another story).

I don't generally have a designated handbag which I just chuck my keys and phone in, and which is full of lots of stuff like broken lipliners or hankies and bus tickets of differing ages.

I just have a selection (Ed the Elder would prefix large to collection) of bags, which when I am going out, I pick the one which I fancy at the time. I don't match my bag to my outfit or shoes, its either which one is nearest to the top of the shoe rack by the front door, or which one I think I have neglected and Elder is telling me to have a clear out. Current fave is a large white 80s handbag I got from a house clearance, it's stupidly big but looks very much like one I saw Fearne Cotton with the other week in Heat. Had it about 2 years though.

In it, I sling my purse (once I've located where the brats have hidden it and my bank card), my house keys (when I remember, but luckily at the moment there's always someone in if I'm locked out), a couple of nappies and a packet of wipes, and well that's it.

Very dull!

I then get home and empty the entire contents out.

All the loose change in the bottom goes in my coin jar, and when there's loads I cash it in one of those coin machines (goes back to the pre-Elder skint days when every penny counted), the receipts go in the bin, and the purse goes back on the shelf ready for the brats to yet again liberate it. I usually leave the nappies until one of the kids needs their bum doing, and as my handbag is before the kitchen, laziness dictates that i get the ones out the bag. Said bag is then slung haphazardly back on the rack to be buried under coats, hats and shoes.

So, I am incredibly boring!

I have loved reading all your in my bag posts, but mine would be a picture of an empty selection of bags! Sorry!

And thanks to everyone for your Sunshine award- I promise I will get round to it, I am overworked at the moment on The Family Panel, am also having an enormous tat clearout, and am also habitually nagging Elder that at his age we don't need bloody CD decks. But he bought them anyway. Ho Hum. Oh and its half term and Mini is having Mary at Playgroup withdrawl.

Right off to raid the freezer.

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