Saturday, 6 February 2010

You Spin Me Round-Resolutions, Have They Been Kept to?

Its FEBRUARY! One of my favorite months, and we're are now 6 whole days in to it.

So, I believe its a good time to look at all those resolutions we all made and posted blogs about in the dark, cold and snowy early days of January.

Some of us will be shuffling along, hiding and saying "Resolutions? What Resolutions?", whilst some of us will be looking rather smug at keeping theirs.


I'm pants! 

I think I do recall either saying in the post about the new year or maybe on Twitter, I'm scatty so I forget which, that regardless of my insistence  that I will keep to the things I know I wont.

The biggest one was that I would lose weight, well, I lost a stone in a fortnight, so made good early progress. I have had only one take out from the Chinese since the beginning of the year. And only been to Maccy Ds once too. 
I have however, managed to stay at about 12 and a half stone, better than the 13 and a half stone I was back on January the 1st, which was appallingly scary and made me ban Ed the Elder from looking at my blog! He, the smug bugger, is 10 and a half stone, which made him look all concerned like a big girl as he's been a trim 9 stone odd for years. Considering when we met I was 8 stone, I think I have more to be concerned about really (although in my defence he hasn't been pregnant ever).

I can however just about do up my skinny jeans (is that not a contradiction though, as obviously some people's skinny jeans are skinnier than others? Mine should be moderate jeans I think!), which are a size 14. Joy!

I have kept up the no alcohol due to the Bailey's incident. Although that will probably be broken on my birthday next week, hell everyone deserves a drink on their birthday!

I have tried not to be so busy, busy, busy. Nah, failed that one! With the weeks prior to the launch of The Family Panel, I was mental!

With a week to go, my launch giveaway was looking like it was going to be half empty bottles of baby bath in a cardboard box! Then, 2 days before launch day, my internet died a sad death. It was because my allowance had expired due to the Nephew downloading random stuff. Not porn, but DJ porn, all sorts of blips and beeps that mean nothing to me but induce great happiness in him. He has now been told to bog off! Well, from the PC anyway!

Then came the day of the launch, and still very few people knew the site was being done by me! Why'd I keep it a secret? Well, with he negative stuff that was still swirling around on and off throughout January (a very special thanks goes to Victoria Nunes from Mum to a Princess for her absolutely undying loyalty even when being blasted over Twitter), I didn't want anyone putting the proverbial boot in. 

I sat there, needing to go out to do the shopping, chewing my fingernails. At one point I asked Ed the Elder what I should do if NO ONE JOINED UP?

I needn't have worried, as we have been adding people daily to the site, and I am now, thanks to advice from Joanne about making it known to PRs and brands that we exist, busier than ever with offers! I don't want to appear grabby, so I have been giving bits and pieces away for reviews by guests, so if you fancy letting me know if you want to join in, do so- I hope it'll be another great way of sharing the Blogger Love, as I'll be putting a little write up and link thing to the blogs of those who do these reviews too.

We've also been lucky enough to have some great stuff to giveaway to the FP Faithful as I've nicknamed the followers, and some discounts for stuff too.

So, all in all, not bad- I'm not the size 10 I wish to be (and probably never will be), I am still scatty, busy and stressed (unnecessarily, but I think I'd be bored if I wasn't!), and have now become an addict to glee and EBay (I will catch up with the Blythe Gang!), but well thats me!

How about you?

Let me know if you want to join in with the Resolution look back thing!


  1. Well done for what you have achieved, and the weight loss will come.

  2. I have been rubbish too. Well done on the weight loss. I have managed to reduce my coffee a bit..but exercise..ahem....well. Nope I have no excuses..


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