Monday, 29 March 2010

Mini-Moments: Mini The Fairy Fashionista

Oh dear God its started already.

I know girls are meant to get into clothes, and shoes, and everything that sparkles and glitters. But at just under 3?

Mini has never been a shy girl, by any stretch of the imagination, and those of  you who read regularly will know all about her exploits at singing, dancing and messing about.

Suddenly though, I am not allowed to pick what she wears.

She goes around in the morning like Lady Muck in her fluffy pink dressing gown, before following me upstairs.

She sits on my dressing table stool, while I faff about looking for something which doesn't need ironing and which does still actually fit/not resemble a Dog blanket to throw on.

Whilst there, she usually goes through the contents of my make up bag, and has a good old nose at the many creams, lotions and potions which congregate on my table (a perk of The Family Panel is that I will never again need to buy any moisturisers, foot creams or anything else).

Once she has watched me put my clothes on, she then gets my make up out for me, and when I finish putting one bit of it on, she then pretends to do the same to her face. She plays with the blusher brushes, flicking them over her face. She has a lipsil that is just hers, and she has to put that on her own lips.

The comes her turn to get dressed.

This used to mean me going in to her wardrobe an draws and bringing out what I thought was weather suitable. She has quite a fair amount of clothes, more than me in fact, so its easy to chose something.

But not anymore.

She has decided that, at a few weeks shy of 3, she has watched how its done for long enough, and now its her choice.

Which sometimes works out pretty well, such as when she gets a top and jeans out and decides between her converse boots or her furry Uggs (her Sparkly boots. They aren't even slightly sparkly but I think she has mixed up furry and sparkly).

But its not so great when she decides that she will not leave the house unless she can wear her Fairy costume, with a ra ra net skirt underneath, and tights. Completing the look with her silver party shoes.

Or her new personal favourite, which I have subsequently had to hide, and re-hide 3 times. Her polka dot swimming costume. And her converse boots.

She believes that as the cossie has a little "skirt" attached, its quite acceptable to want to wear it at all times, including in bed. The other night I went to re-tuck her into bed when I went up, and found it strange that her Jammie top was on the floor beside the bed. When I pulled back the covers, she had her jammie bottoms underneath the bloody cossie. And have you ever tried to take a tight lycra swimsuit off a sleeping child? Its not fun.

God knows what she'll want to wear for Playgroup tomorrow.

Then it gets worse.

She will not go out the door unless she has her "fragrance" on.

She will have to have a bit of my CK Summer on, or my DKNY, or even her Daddy's Joop, she's not fussed by the finer details, but she has to e spritzed with it.

I do think its my doing though.

I have recently had a massive pre-might-have-to-move clear out. So have gone through both the children's clothes and got the bits that don't fit out, and have sold them on EBay. I have then been surfing the net to look for barains to replace the stuff that didn't fit.

I have been doing this for a while, kids wear their clothes for such a short space of time, and its a waste not to bag them all up and flog them on!

Usually I do this in the peace and quiet of after Bedtime. But Mini has taken to sitting on my lap, watching me look at clothes. As time has gone on, I've asked her what she likes. And she obviously has now decided she's an authority on clothes.

We popped in Next last week for a pair of sunglasses. I wouldn't bother, but have found if I want my sunglasses to last longer than 2 hours in the summer, I have to buy her a couple of pairs to save mine from destruction. And I have a very nice pair this year (although I've bloody seen Cheryl Cole wearing a pair so I'm slightly less enamored of them). 

Usually, I find a pair in her size, and pay. Takes about 5 minutes, door to door.

Not this year.

She didn't like the straight ones with the stripes. She didn't like the ones with Lady birds on (although have to agree they were a bit Dame Edna). She had to have red a nd white heart shaped ones. The lady in the shop thought she was hilarious!

So, her baby days look to be over. She has swapped sleepsuits for playsuits (no, really, she moaned until I bought her one in Ethel Austen). It'll be Mini Manolos next.

So, move over Moss, there's a new fashionista in town, and her names Mini.


  1. And she's totally gorgeous, not to mention very cute with it! And what's wrong with a pink fluffy dressing gown? It's exactly what I wear!!

    CJ xx

  2. You're lucky she's waited until 3 ... Toddlergirl is only just 2 and has been dictating her clothes choices for a while now (fortunately she can be distracted)

    Her weekend look was mostly pink tutu, wellies and her gardening kit !

  3. You have to admit, she does look pretty cute in those heart shades! Reading this makes me realise how much easier boys are, at least when it comes to clothes. Apart from trainers with lights in, mine couldn't care less what they wear and dressing the three of them takes far longer than dressing me.

  4. My daughter loves dressing up too, but you can't get her anywhere near a fairy dress, that's for her older cousin who will wear nothing else! For Christmas she wanted and got a Woody (Toy Story) outfit which was worn exclusively until well into the new year... until it snowed and we made her wear something warmer!

  5. She likes how to pose, does not she? Looks like a top model! Totally gorgeous!


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