Tuesday 16 March 2010

Modern Day Dating- How Do They Do It?

I have been mulling this post over after a conversation I had with Elder on Friday evening.

Let me explain.

The children went to stay at their Aunty's house overnight on Friday, for the first time since last June. I really like that we have Elder's two elder sisters on our doorstep, as they love the kids to bits. However, I very rarely ask them to babysit, purely because they are so busy! One is a Nurse, so works all the hours and then some, and she has a soon to be teen son, and if that's not enough, she's planning a wedding as well. So I don't think she has much time to herself. The other one is that busy, with a teenager (all be it a lovely, well behaved one), and near teenager (also lovely), a full time job, a home to run, and a active social life for all of them (Teen 1 is an exceptional rower, and has been to South Africa recently, and has beaten Eton at the sport too, whist nearly teen is a karate expert, Kumon goer, and a scout too), that I have often remarked that she doesn't so much sit on the sofa, as hover above it for 5 seconds before going out again!

Therefore, its a bit mean of me, full time Mum of two toddlers (main activities, playing with toys, reading Charlie and Lola books, and singing mad songs) to ask them to babysit on the one night of free time they get.

But, in this case, Sister in law the younger (not of Elder, he's the baby, but of the other sisters) actually offered, demanding Elder took me for a night out.

So, we packed them off, got dressed, and went to the pub. Yahoo!

Whilst out, we went to a couple of different pubs, as they'd reopened our favorite one, but had made it all pouncey, and being Friday night, it was packed in town.

But I am baffled by something that those of you with teens will hopefully answer.

How on earth do girls know which boys are the right ones to try and pull?

No I don't mean, are they the "love 'em and leave 'em" type or the "can bring home to parents but a total sap" ones.

I mean how do they know if they are barking up the right tree, in the sense of the pull-er trying it on with a pull-ee who likes girls?

Why on earth do boys wear jeans skinnier than the girls wear them? Is there a code of if they flash their pants to a certain level they are advertsing for girls or boys? Or is it black jeans mean Straight, and blue are Gay? White ones, well, those are just awfully girlie, but lots of them wear those now too.

I would hate to be on the pull now.

In my dating years, it was easy, as most guys I hung round with in my little group either very obviously were gay, and wore more make up than me and all my girl friends, and the straight ones well, they wore boy jeans and no make up. Except on Fridays, when it was acceptable to wear a smidge of eyeliner.

But not so now.

How is it that girls are wearing jeans referred to as Boyfriend jeans, which are baggy, classic boy shape jeans, yet their boyfriends are wearing skin tight, ball crunching not far off jeggings jeans? 

Baffled. And it was nothing to do with the wine.

The rate its going, when Mini starts dating when her Dad allows her to at 35, well, they will all wear dresses. Ridiculous.

And why do none of them own a belt? Or when the rest of their jeans are that tight, why do they hang off their waists?

It may also have something to do with that, like the Nephew, they have skinnier waists than me. He is a 28. Me, I'm not saying, but it doesn't start with a 2. 

Boys, for the sake of girls, wear proper boys jeans! Unless you are gay, then, wear what you like!


  1. I am so glad I don't have worry about this anymore. I don't know how I managed it when I did!

  2. OK, I'm old! When I was dating none of the boys wore eyeliner or they'd have been chased out of town by a tractor!

  3. Hehe.. This is also something which baffles me. When you find the answer please let me know.


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