Tuesday 27 April 2010

Reasons Why I know I am Prematurely Old

Sorry I have been a little quiet of late, blog post wise, but there has been all sorts of discussions and decisions being made in the 20SM household, which has left my brain in a right old cluttered mess. I'm not going to tell you now, but look out for May's Botox List.

Anyway, inspiration for this post came from a Facebook message conversation I had last week with The Nephew. He popped up for a day last week to grab some clean clothes and shoes, and off he went back to London, but I asked him if he wanted to go see a film I'd been offered to go to.

It started out simply enough, with him having to give me the name of the "friend" he was going to snog in the cinema paying no attention to the film whatsoever  take with him. But then he had a shortlist, yes a shortlist, of 3 or 4 girls. Ridiculous. 

Now, as you know we are the same age, but having a conversation, be it written or spoken, with The Nephew often requires the use of the Urban Dictionary, as he speaks in a whole different way to me.

After deciding which girl was going, I let him know it was all sorted. His reply- Koolio.

Now, to me, Koolio is a 90s rapper with bad hair who went on Big Brother. And its spelt Coolio.

But it got me to thinking that, well, if we are the same age, and him and his friends (or fam, apparently) all speak that way, am I past it? Have I prematurely aged? And is it cos I'm just so uncool it was inevitable, or is it because I am in a relationship with someone in his 40s?

So, here are the reasons why I know I am old, at 28-

* Instead of looking forward to Friday nights and the weekend, I look forward to Glee on Mondays, and early nights.
* Most fashions for people my age appall me, yet I love the clothes my 46 year old sister in law wears.
* I found myself actually taking notice of the political stuff on TV.
* On Saturday, when all my laundry was folded up in a huge pile, I was so happy to have emptied the basket and got it all clean that I told Elder how satisfying it was.
* Programmes on Channel 4 are beginning to be annoying, not funny.
* I watched Hollyoaks last week, and felt old.
* Meanwhile, I seem drawn to Eastenders. And Corrie. 
* I referred to a dance track on Viva Music as "Noise".
* Old ladies keep striking up conversations with me in queues. 
* I told Elder that a dress I liked in a shop window that was short was OK, but not a "sensible length" for me. 
* I no longer see the attraction of trainers. Of any kind. Only flat sandals or     boots.
* Music and kids shows from when I was at school are now referred to as "Classic" or "Old Skool".
* Stupid spellings annoy me. Its School, not skool.

I may as well go have a blue rinse and apply for a bus pass.

So, what makes you feel past it? Or are you still cool enough to be down with the kids?


  1. Will see you down the post office on Thursday as we both collect our pension.

  2. I'll join you in the queue for our pensions and the blue rinses!

    The one time I felt past it (other than what you have mentioned above) was when my friend and I decided a few years ago at the grand age of 26 to revisit the resort in Turkey we went to age 17/18 and pre kids on a girly holiday and to "recapture our youth". There were spotty faced youths joined at the lips on every available surface - up against walls, leaning against your chair, on chairs, tables, the pavement, you name it it was made for "snogging" on. I went home to bed early that night feeling thoroughly out of place and very old!

    It was made worse a few days later when I ended up becoming "mum" to a group of boys and had to tuck them into bed with a bucket next to them! Needless to say my youth wasn;t recaptured on that holiday, rather the confirmation that I needed that I was infact far too old for that kind of holiday and am much happier indoors with my daughter and having an early night!

  3. What makes me feel old? Twenty somethings claiming to feel old. You don't know the meaning girl!! Just wait.

  4. What a fab post, you gave me a good lol at Coolio. I also look forward to nights in. The cheese on TV on a Saturday night is just my favourite! Mich x

  5. I posted something similar earlier in the week, and my OH is 26 so I can't even use that as an excuse!

  6. Things that make me feel old? similar things to you really but also the fact that I can't seem to have a night out past 11pm any more without thinking of my bed and mentally counting how many hours of sleep i'm going to get before I get woken up by the girls! Also when all my 'younger' friends get excited about music festivals and once upon a time I was the first in the queue for a ticket but the lack of shower, nights in a cold tent and obviously the toilet facilites really don't have the same appeal any more now i'm in my 30's! (only early 30's i have to add)!!

  7. Can I smile & say I'm still sweet 21 without everyone hating me? ;)


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