Thursday 17 June 2010

EEk! Bah! Nominated for a Gurgle!

There I was, absent mindedly sitting in the garden reading my mail and half listening to the Nephews new tunes, when an email popped up.

Because I'm on Yahoo, it only tells you part of the subject unless you wave a mouse over it, so when I saw "You've been nominated" I actually thought, here we go, its a spam again!

I've had quite a few spam messages recently about my blog, asking me to sign up for this, that and the other- one of which hilariously asked me to run a dating site on the side of the blog. Tee hee, I did used to love Blind Date, but no one beats Cilla!

So, gettting back to the email, I clicked into it and nearly wet my pants.

I've been nominated for a Gurgle!

Thats a Blog award by the way! (Nope I didn't know about them either!)

I shouted and jumped about like a loon!

After Elder had been able to tell me to stop screeching and talk normally, I told him, and The Nephew, that I had been nominated by Gurgle for an award which is decided by, amongst others, Mylene off the telly!

I even get to go to an awards do after Cybermummy-so will be spending the day in my maxi dress trying not to spill food, drink or anything else over myself so I can sling a pair of heels on and some spangly earrings to do one of those effortless (on TV), day to night look whatsits. Or something like that anyway!

So, just wanted to say a massive thanks for reading the blog to you all, we are very close to my Blogversery  now, and I am workig on my first ever Meme to mark it.

And congrats to everyone else who is nominated too xx Anyone fancy sharing the tube with me to get there so I don't get lost and end up in darkest god-knows-where-ville?

And Mylene- if you're reading- Helllo love- I bought Hear'says first album, does that get me an extra vote? xxx

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