Sunday, 18 July 2010


Yes, in my pursuit of  world domination a career in my chosen profession, I found out about the Cosmo Blog Awards, and would ask all you who love the blog (I'm told it's actually quite a few, which is amazing to me since I just moan about the nutcases that are my kids and Elder) would you like to nominate it for a chance to win their Lifestyle blogger of 2010.

The Gurgle was great, and has helped get my name out there, and its great to have in my portfolio. I don't know if you check whether the content in the top Pages bit changes, but I recently updated the As Seen Here bit, and its a growing list. The thing is, and here's me being very honest-I am begging for votes.

Which yes is a little narcissistic, but I really am trying to grow my portfolio, and as several of the seminar people at Cybermummy advised, if you want to "get noticed" then you have to build your reputation. There are so many parent blogs out there now, so I am a small fish in a large pond. If I want to go to a Media outlet at some point then I want to seem credible as a writer, and that they know they will shift papers or magazines as I am already bringing a following. If I go with a few ideas and not much more, plus a gaping hole in my CV (which only has retail jobs in it anyway) I have a fear that I'll almost certainly be seen as a SAHM, biscuit muncher and Day Time TV devotee. 

So, if you can please vote! And Good Luck to anyone else throwing their blog hat into the ring- let me know and I'll happily stick a vote in for you!

Thanks guys xxx

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