Tuesday, 6 July 2010


This week's theme at Sticky Fingers is HOLIDAY and what with this unusual British sunshine weather we are experiencing as a welcome change to the usual rain, its getting about the time we start thinking about our hols.

I don't have many holiday pics to be fair, almost none from when I was a kid, but here is one that I find funny.

Here I am, near on exactly nine years ago, on the first "outside of Kent" trip Elder and I had ever been on together. We had met a year before, so I am 19 in this, and he is 32. Although we both look scarily younger. You can see that the ends of my hair are blonde-thats the left overs of the pink and orange I had when I met him!

We are sitting in Elder's friends back garden in Berkshire, long before the move up here became permanent. It was the first time I met Elder's family, so I was really nervous!

But it was the first time that I saw what it was like up here, and began to question why I had never moved on from Kent when I had the chance.

I'm glad I did, although it took a few more years before it happened!

And here's one from 1993(!)

This was the year when my Dad decided to help show his friend how to pitch a tent on the local field, the Great Lines. 

That's him in the green shirt and I'm the one in the glasses and dodgy fringe and cycling shorts. I can't recall whether my Mum took it, or perhaps Gemma's Mum (she's the other girl in the photo). They lived opposite us in Copenhagen Road for years, and Gemma was in my class at school. Her Dad and elder brother are trying to look like they know what my Dad is going on about. Whilst my Dad (knowing he was about to be photographed) tries to look busy and knowledgeable. And yes, I do quote him directly from the time!

It reminds me of the trailer tent hols we had when I was a kid. I was really jealous of everyone else who was going not just to hotels, but abroad, while I would be stuck with the inevitable crap weather and museums trips. I do recall playing snap though, or when the hedgehog crawled in my Mum's Sleeping Bag. 

So there we are, two holidays! 1993 aged 11, and 2001, aged 19.

Oh and while you're here, thinking of booking your trips here, there and everywhere, think about giving about of your spends to a very worthwhile cause:
Regular followers will know that I myself have suffered bouts of depression, so well done to Denise and Andy, who are walking a blister inducing 192 miles coast to coast. Good luck to them both, and you can follow more about their mission at their blog, Whitefriars Wanderings

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  1. Lovely pictures, love the last one with the glasses ;)


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