Tuesday, 27 July 2010

THE GALLERY: The Power of Nature

Hmmmmmmmmm nom nom nom

Thats the sound of me salivating over this weeks Gallery Prize. Yep, as there are now so many of us taking pictures for the gallery every week, this week there is a prize of some very lovely and tasty Green and Blacks chocs for the winner.

The theme is simple: NATURE.

Now, here's my photo:

When we moved in to our current house, we really were so happy with the garden- I think the house itself we had a quick glance at on viewing, but the garden swung it. 

At the bottom was a pole, and because Mini kept walking around the garden in danger of dropping Mr Smiley the stone Buddha, who has lived in 3 of our houses, Elder stuck him on the poll.

A few weeks later, and nature took over- the leaves growing up the poll happened by force of nature, not human nurture, and now, Mr Smiley Buddha has quite an attractive perch.

It just shows that while we inhabit "our" planet, it's only ever on loan to us, as nature will always follow its own path, no matter what.

And here's one I shared on Twitter last night, the sky over the rooftops of my street:

Simply the most beautiful thing, a red sky just before it gets dark, as not only is it a special site but it brings the promise of sunshine in the morning.


  1. Mr Buddha looks very happy up there on his green perch :)

  2. wow, it is a nice perch. Curious about the leaves growing, he was meant to be there :) Jen

  3. OMG, that looks so funny! Loving the sky shot too - quite a few of them today.


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