Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Festivaled Out


Oh hello, sorry, nearly nodded off there.....

Yes, I have "done" my first festival at Camp Bestival, this weekend just gone, and my God am I tired out.

I actually estimate that I am as tired out as I was when Mini was a new born wanting to be fed every two hours and I couldn't express so Elder never had to do his bit. 

It was a-bloody-mazing though, and I really let loose and let go more than I have in approximately 11 years at least (and I didn't even need to neck a bottle or 5 of vodka to achieve the loosening up). I actually wore over the knee socks in black, pink white and purple stripes, massive purple and pink fairy wings (very pretty and about to be attached to Mini's bedroom ceiling) and, get this, a fairy crown of Mini's.

I Moshed. Yes, literally jumped up and down like a mad thing. I danced in public and with no shame whatsoever, especially to Lee Scratch Perry who was un-flipping-believably good and whom I didn't think I'd like.

I impressed 15 year olds who thought that outer Space by The Prodigy was a new unreleased track soon to be in the charts, by explaining it was actually from before they were born. They then congratulated me on not looking like a nearing 30 year old Mum of two, dancing and singing along with Tinie Tempah.

I managed to not look like "Festival Mummy", but fitted in.

Tinie himself smiled and said "Hi" to Mini, but we had no idea who he was until someone else wandered past excited that Tinie was wandering around!

I managed to make a train wait for Elder, the kids and I by swearing at the Guard who was about to go without us. It wasn't my fault that Basingstoke told us to sit in the wrong end of the bloomin' train. So there!

Yes, I really loved it from start to finish, apart from the-shock horror-lack of net in anyway all weekend meaning I couldn't tell you all what was going on! I didn't realise what a Tweet addict I was until this weekend and felt like it was 1990 or something. Terrible.
So, here's some pics:

On the train (number 2 of 3)
Here's Lulworth Castle, the setting for our Festival.

Tinie Tempah was on stage!

Breakfast on Day 2
How Festival does Mini look in that dress and hat?
Beautiful surroundings for a festival

Lee Scratch Perry
Making new friends!
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  1. OMG - your post is fab. But what made me laugh the most was seeing Spot the dog. When I was 21 I worked in a toystore and I had to dress up as characters!!! And Spot was one of them...that totally could have been me, LOL. Maria x

  2. OMG! She was so scared of the thing too! You can kind of see from the way she's turning into he Daddy as if to say "get me outta here!".


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