Monday, 4 October 2010

OUI CHEF: Mum's Cooking, erm, Badly

Its week one of BEKICKLESIE's  new post link called OUI CHEF

This time, we all have the theme of Mum's Cooking.

Luckily, we don't have to do any actual cooking, which is why I have no problem with joining in. 

Cooking is not my strong point. I have a go, and I can cook your basic good old fashioned English and occasionally Irish Fare, such as stews, roasts, pies, and I can definitely throw edible food together.

But the cook in our house with any panache is Elder (or The Nephew when he stays. He does after all work as a chef. Except don't let him make a cottage pie, cos its minging).

I do not feel its my fault.

I grew up in a house with a Mum who could make the nicest chocolate cake ever. But anything else. Not really her strong point. 

I do recall my Dad telling me about how she once, when they first lived together, made gravy. Except it needed to be sliced, rather than poured. 

My Dad, meanwhile, loved to cook, and I still am yet to eat bolognaise that I like as much as my Dads. He would work all day, then come home and cook for us all. My Mum's contribution would be to remove the mince or joint of meat from the freezer to defrost. 

My Mum's version of cooking was most definitely out of a Birds Eye box, fish fingers, chips, that kind of thing. She even once managed to blow a deep fat fryer up, she was OK, however, the grapes in the fruit bowl never saw it coming. 

So, my inspiration for cooking certainly did not come from her.

The first meal I ever cooked for Elder was a (burnt) cheese and tomato pizza. I figured everyone likes Pizza. No, Elder doesn't, much less a burnt one.

He has literally taught me how to cook, from scratch.

And now, well, I enjoy it. I am getting a bit more adventurous- I butterflyed a chicken then rolled it with stuffing the other week for Sunday dinner.

So, rather than passing on the Mum who can't cook mantle to Mini, I will at least be able to teach her something. Or at least try to.


  1. A nice spin on things ;)

    How not to cook? Love it.

    I especially liked the sliced gravy bit - made me chuckle!

    Teehee xx

  2. I think you're doing yourself a disservice - anyone that can bravely go where no non-cook has gone before, to butterfly and roll a chicken for Sunday lunch, is definitely worthy of my admiration.
    And how cool is it to have your child teach YOU to cook? You must have done something right there, that's for sure!

  3. oh sliced gravy! I have been there... if you go to dilute it, it always looses all that flavor you worked so hard to conserve lol!!


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