Saturday 30 October 2010

Stuff and Nonsense (For Want of a Better Title)

I am writing this as a little "catch up" of what's going on in my house with the family. I think this blog has been stuck on a bit of a black cloud of negativity for a while now,so its time to jump off the cloud, slap a smile on and put the blog back to where it should be.

However, whilst I will still write about Mini, Littlest and Elder, and anyone else who happens to be in my eye line when I'm writing, I would much rather remove myself from the "mum blogger" tag. I used to think it was the be all and end all in writing. But in the last few weeks I think, and I'm not the only one, its become a bit tarnished, a bit like a very large national game of internet whispers- and we all know where that leads. Misinterpretations, wrong doing the whole thing. Whilst I'm not about to shelve the blog, I did happen to go and have a look back at posts I used to write at Myspace, the ones I copied to a file before I shut my page down and moved here. And I was quite surprised that I used to write about current affairs. I wrote about music. I wrote about life outside the "Mum" Box. Mainly because when I first wrote the blog there, I wasn't a Mum yet. That came later. 

So, you may see a very different blog emerging. Or may be not- if you've read this for a while, you'll know I'm nothing if not forgetful, and write at will the first thing that pops into the brain.

So, here's stuff that's been going on here.

Firstly, if you got Take That tickets, I am very, very jealous. In fact I am happy to sell a child for them. Or maybe not a child, but certainly all my designer handbags. 

I went to see them as a four piece last year, and it was brilliant. My first concert ever in fact, which was fitting as I had always wanted them to be my first show. So when it was announced that Robbie was going to be touring with them too, well, I was dying to see it.

Sadly, my Sister-in-Law didn't quite manage to grab some tickets this time, not that she gave up easily, and considering she was at work when they went on sale, well, above and beyond I think you'll agree. 

With tickets being sold on EBay for over £200 each, it doesn't look like we'll be going this time. Doesn't that annoy you though? Knowing that someone who bought them just to sell them on EBay for a lot more got through? Grr.

So, unless I manage to find out who does the PR, and see if I can wangle a review opportunity from it (doubtful) its DVD time for me instead! 

Mini is Mini, she is still her crazy self. She was going through a bit of a weird stage whereby she didn't want to eat anything apart from Noodles.  So I took advice from my collective Sisters-in-Law and just let her not eat, regardless of what was put in front of her, with the opinion that if she "starved" she would eat eventually.

Nope, didn't work. 

I was very close to taking her to see the GP. I was really worried. But it struck me that she was such a good eater before, and so I decided to do something slightly unorthodox. 

I bought a jar of Chocolate spread. 

Well, like any child, she loves her sweets. So, in buying her the spread, and thinly plonking it on bread, she would eat some bread in the morning. And a sandwich for lunch. 

By 2 days of trying, she ate a shepherds pie, all the mash and mince. Which she usually refuses to eat. She had a big bowl of cheese pasta too. 

It figures that if she starts to eat something, even something a bit non PC (Parent Consensus), then she would remember to start eating, and that its a good thing to do too. 

So, we now have a full of energy girl back again.

Littlest is doing Littlest stuff, learning to talk and stringing words (other than no, not and mine) together. His favourite is Hello Mini to his sister. He's his usual oblivious to everything self, and as long as there is a car nearby to play with, he's a happy bunny.

Elder is fixing my car, and finishing the house. My bedroom is all done, bar my finishing touches of pictures and paintings on the wall. Its the downstairs next which is in desperate need owing to some creativity with a black marker pen, courtesy of Littlest.

So, that's us. 

Oh and Halloween- we didn't really bother this year! Oopps. But Christmas is all accounted for and a mere freezer of food is required now! I know, me, organised for Christmas by the end of October.

To quote Dylan, the times they are a changing. 

And that's good all round, I say.


  1. Good luck with your changes! Life is about changing and evolving and if it is really the right thing for you to do, you will succeed! Looking forward to what's coming!

  2. Shall I ask my mate Gary for a couple of tickets? That's if he remembers me. And forgets about the detention I once put him in.

    Actually, the PR review request is probably a better bet!

  3. It's good to know blogs can evolve and change as we do. Must admit mine is a lot about my kids but also seems to be turning into a PR site for South Lakeland where I've moved to ;-)

  4. HA! i did the same thing to my little guy when he stopped eating things out of the blue. Nutella harsh worked no problem!


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