Sunday 10 October 2010

TOYS: Grrrrrrrr

Yes, we will shortly be having a house clearance with a difference.

It'll be different in the respect that we aren't moving and need to get rid of our stuff.

It will not be a house clearance in the sense that you can pitch up and have my washing machine or my big cooker (you'd have to kill me first).

I do not have on offer stacks of bedding and towels. Or old paint tins and questionable rugs.


This house clearance will be of TOYS.

The Bratlings have far, far too many for 2 children. Well, according to Elder they do. I have, in the past two weeks, got rid of 3 bags of toys.After I brought home two bags of Mega Blocks, and we got sent a Lego safari, I got all the odd bits of Mega Blocks, and Lego and ditched the lot.

(As an aside- what is Mega about Mega Blocks? They're surely just Leo blocks if they were on steriods or the plastic block equivalent. They hurt alot more when you stand on them. But I am yet to see what is Mega about that).

When I signed us up as Toyologists for Toys R Us, either I didn't read the email (likely) or it didn't say quite what the frequency of toys and amount would be. I thought it would be every few months we might get a toy of the moment to review.

Erm, no again.

In fact its a BIG box every month. This month, we had two BIG boxes.

Elder is now threatening to leave me. Or not so much me, but the toys.

Then yesterday, after he had decreed no more toys, what came in the post?

Yes. Toys. 2 parcels of. Oh dear.

The problem is that a I've been reviewing now since last year, and if we dont have new stuff to review, well, that makes The Family Panel pretty much defunct, some PRs will automatically send stuff out without asking me. Thats not my fault.

The other issue is not so much that they have too many toys.

Its that the refuse to tidy them up.

So, because of all the decorating, there is dust everywhere. Then there is also a layer of toys too. You have to tip toe round our living room or you end up standing on something plastic, or setting off something noisy.

Storage is what is needed, badly.

And a padlock for the storage.

And tidy kids.


As footnote, daftest quote this week comes from Mini with the idea that the tree outside our house is not a tree. When asked what it was, Mini replied-"an ambulance". Stranger and stranger that girl.


  1. It's amazing how many toys they accumulate! My 2 have far to many toys. Once we've out grown the baby toys I'll be giving them to a toddler group and passing some on to my sister. I love having a good clear out!

  2. how on earth do you get into doing that sort of thing for Toy R Us I would love to be apart of that! As a low income family it would be great to see some new, not withered, toys lol.

  3. Well, you go to @trutoyologist and tweet them, or they have a Facebook fan page dearch for Toys R Us UK, and leave a comment on their wall

  4. I feel quite ill at the thought of two boxes of toys being delivered - and believe me there's NO sarcasm in that statement! :)


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