Saturday, 27 November 2010

Ponder Post: Discoveries

Here are some discoveries, made up completely in my head whilst lying awake with a rotten cold all week, I have, erm, discovered. 

Number1. The Reason we all like snow.

We may moan constantly about snow- the threat of snow, the falling of snow, the gridlock caused by a millimetre of it, and then the big thaw. We even have those terms- Big Freeze (like as if we are going to have to prepare to see yettys roaming and the sudden migration of Polar Bears), and Big Thaw. 

It must be a dull news month in media land, frankly.

Because we all grumble, but we all find an excuse to throw at least one snow ball, or build a snow man. I did this after leaving school and prior to having children, actually. 

I now know why.

To my mind, I think we see snow as our sand. We pay lots of money to go and sit on a sandy beach and build sand castles. So snow is the English version of sand and playing in sand.  And we all go out in minus x conditions to build stuff. I wont even go into the site on Facebook last year which was for people to post pictures of rude snow sculptures. 

It may be cold, but its fun. Or at least it is in my house.

Discovery 2: The best feeling on a cold morning.

No, its not a pumpkin spiced double shot skinny mocha latte from Cafe Posh shop (although I do like a latte, I find it hard to part with more than I pay for a jar of Kenco for one hot milk and coffee drink).

Radiators. Stick your clothes on them. The ones you'll be wearing that day. Then stick them on. 

Bliss, instant toasty warmth. And if you leave it until the last minute to get dressed, and then plonk your coat over the top, it keeps you toasty for longer. Seriously.

Except mind the zip of jeans, they get quite warm. 

Discovery 3 People will buy any old tat if you make it sound good.

I am, at the moment, selling the entire contents of my house to fund the purchase of a pair of Take That tickets. Well, not quite all my house but all the clothes I haven't worn for years and had kept in case I lose about 4 stone and go back to a size 8/10 like I was pre-Littlest. So, my Ronit Zilkha lace corset top (worn once), my Villa Dress, all my little New Look tea dresses and a particular fave long purple Indian made one off Nomads maxi dress have been sold.

As well as a few old books, DVDs and PC programmes, a very old laptop and lots of old toys which were too young for the Bratlings. 

What have I made? Close to £200. 

I have no idea how that is possible, when you consider we're all meant to be skint in recession. But yep, everything I thought would sell for peanuts hasn't. One PC programme, which I think Elder was given by the pub up the roads Landlord sold for £16 and £8.51 respectively. I don't think I'll ever complain about pub night ever again.

I am also replacing my Take That collection, which got left behind in the move from Kent. So if anyone has anything from their childhood, let me know! Especially tour stuff! Cheers.

Discovery 4: Bernard Matthews existed.

I know, who knew? 

I thought he was like Mr Kipling, Mr Soft and Ronald McDonald. I felt quite bad when it came on the news he had died. This will make more sense when you read my guest post over at Beckicklesie's brilliant blog! I think I'm there on 4th December.

So, there you go, 4 little discoveries. 

What are yours?


  1. Definitely not snow!! I really don't like it at all. If I could hibernate when it snows then I would. I have some photos on my blog today which show how bad we have it in Northumberland, and I'm very grumpy!! Amy loves it though, as do the dogs.

    Yes, radiators warming your clothes is definitely something to relish in, that's a lovely feeling, isn't it.

    I think what I've discovered since blogging nearly 4 years ago, is that a lot of husbands are the same; they leave their dirty clothes on the floor. And mine is no exception!

    CJ xx


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