Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Blogger Does Cribs: Inside My Fridge

I have been tagged to show you the wasteland that is my poor fridge by Emma at Me, The Man and The Baby. After promising I wouldn't go shopping and pretend that we eat very healthily, and also having to chuck out certain items which I have no idea what they started out as, here is my fridge:


Thats the main insides, which contains:
*A half eaten Hello Kitty birthday cake (probably shortly to be in the bin, but was lush)
*Cheese, both spready and cheddar (has to be mature or Elder moans)
*Yogurts (these end up mostly over the TV or floor, but makes me feel better   as it makes it look like my kids don't just eat sweets).
*Various veg, including new potatoes, a carrot and cooking onions, as well as a bag of salad and some tomatoes.
*Eggs (surely a fridge must?)
*Some coleslaw
*Coca Cola
*Half a tin of beans (bleugh, these belong to Elder and him alone, the rest of us think they're minging)
*Mini's jam and marmalade
*Some salami
*Various sweets, including Mini Egg cakes, Chocolate Fingers, a Kit Kat and Creme Egg Minis. Not obviously belonging to the brats. Honest.

On the door, you can see:

*A jar of Homepride Pasta Sauce ( for bung in oven, cant be arsed to faff dinners for the Bratlings)
*A jar of mint sauce
*Marmite (very definitely mine and mine alone)
*Some garlic and ginger
*A bottle of Echo Falls Spritz (a new discovery, very nice on hot days)
*A bottle of Calprofen
*Some Fruit and Barley drink
*A 4 pinter of milk.

So, probably a mixed bag, fridge wise and health wise, it's usually more full but I'm going shopping tomorrow!

The coolest thing about my fridge (should say the houses, as it was here when we moved in) is the magnet on the door:

Yes, it's Rastamouse! No, I didn't buy it for the kids, I bought it purely for me and Elder, from E Bay (although in my defense I was looking for a present for Mini's birthday at the time). The kids aren't allowed in the kitchen or they steal every food item they can reach, and the cooker we have is really hot too, and easy to open.

So, who to tag?

I'm going for Emma at Mellow Mummy, Jay at Mocha Beanie Mummy and Emma at Emma and 3.

Good luck guys!


  1. You keep Marmite in the fridge? I thought that stuff was able to withstand a nuclear war, let alone a nuclear family!!

  2. Why thank you for the tag. I shall do mine once littles in bed!

  3. another one with eggs in the fridge, and an unopened jar of homepride...strange one


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