Thursday 2 June 2011

Bloggers For Vision, or Why I Blame Glowstars

When the MADS were announced, and Victoria from Glowstars wrote this lovely post here, I told her I owed her one.

How foolish was I!?

I meant I owe you one in the sense of a large glass of vino. Or a cake. Or similar.

I did not realise my "owe you one" would transpire to mean that two of my "words most likely to fill me with dread" would be uttered as a direct consequence:



Those two words are only ever beaten by "Elder saw how many items of unnecessary clothing I bought from EBay in one weekend".

Yes, it would seem our intrepid Mummy with an even bigger love of shoes than even I possess has managed to rope herself in to a very worthy charity called Vision. As such, we now have "Bloggers for Vision", the Ten Sport Challenge to be exact.

We are (I say we as we are trying to rope more fools who can't say no  bloggers to join in) all going to take on a sport each and get lots of lovely sponsorship cash for a worthy cause.

I am signed up to do the 100m.

Now, before you laugh, I was once upon a 1996 in deepest darkest and scariest Kent, the third fastest female 100m runner in the Kent Schools Athletics area. I also danced twice a week, went to Guides, helped out at the Brownies, did Roller Blading and generally kept myself fit as only 14 year old girls can.

I was a size 8. 

But now, I am, erm, not. Active nor a size 8. The last time I ran was in 1998, and the only part of me that's a size 8 is my feet (only in certain shops, mind).

So, rather than stuffing myself out of boredom  eating bad foods, I now have the perfect reason to change- its for charity. 

I have replaced my chocs with fruit, my chips with salad. 

What I would love you to do is this: Instead of buying sweets and shoes this week, please donate to our Just Giving page, as much or as little as you can- we hope to reach £1000.

Meanwhile, I will keep you up to date on how I'm doing, training wise.

Bloggers for Vision
Gold Challenge
Just Giving

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