Sunday 19 June 2011

The Great Cybermummy Debate Solution, Year 2!

It's fast approaching this years anticipated Cybermummy Saturday (less than a week in fact). So, just like last year, your favourite most non-fashionable and in no way a Fashion blogger, blogger guides you through the pit falls of dressing for the occasion. Or in a round about way, tells you to wear jeans. Along with other tips to make it all go swimmingly.

Tip One: Don't Do What I Did Last Year:

Which means, actually try your outfit on before the morning of the event itself.
There I was, blindly waxing lyrical about how the virtuous Maxi dress was a catch all for hiding hairy legs/wobbly bits, and how I had bought one myself. Except what I didn't realise was:

  1. My dress looked like I nicked it from Mama Cass' wardrobe in 1965
  2. It was v-e-r-y low, and my badge was round my neck, meaning I basically flashed my lady bumps all day
  3. I looked like a bridesmaid.
Just because it looks nice on the hanger (or the skinny Maidenhead girls in the shopping in centre), it does not mean it will look good on you.

Tip Two: Killer Heels are nicknamed "killer" for a reason

Unless you are on the shoe challenge (which I have a sneaky suspicion is Glowstars tenuous (genius) way of getting free shoes), stick with comfortable. Flats are fine, and if you do want to break out the heels, invest in some Party Feet, or wait until the 3 party after hours.

Tip Three: Skirts= Waxing=Ouch!

Yeah, skirts, I hate those things, I own about 2, and I've never worn either of them. Jeans or loose trousers are great as they are comfy, hide a multitude of sins and you can get away with not waxing. Obviously a razor is a good idea, I'm not expecting you all to turn up like Chewbacca.

Tip Four: Don't sweat the Small Stuff

No, thats not my way of saying "wear some deodorant" (although, yes, do wear deodorant, no one likes to be in an enclosed space without it), what I mean are the small things I've seen people worrying openly about on Twitter.

Such as, how will I know who everyone is? The easy answer is, you wont! There will be 450 bloggers there, no one can ever remember that many people. So, do what I do- when saying hi to someone who, very obviously knows who you are, but whom you have no idea who they are and say "Hi sweetheart", hold them at arms length, and glance at their name card. Or just be honest! The amount of people who I have met at events and have no idea who they are, but then they say we've met before. I am, of course, really poor at remembering who anyone is. Watch how many people I say a nice name to- obviously I wont be using sweetheart now!

Or- how do I get to all the PRs/Brands there when there will be loads? Just drop your business card to them, restrict yourself to 2 minutes, then ask for their card. You can always ask them to clarify things later on.

Tip Five: Preparation, preparation, preparation...

We have to get to The Brewery pretty early, so, my top tip is get everything ready the night before. In my case, this doesn't just include my bag, my clothes and my ticket. It includes the kids overnight bags (they're off to their Aunties in the afternoon), and food for the barbecue party we are having on the same day. Which means marinating meat, sticking things on sticks, making a chilli and part cooking a raft of bangers and burgers. Sheesh. I'll buy a diary next year!

Tip Six: Check the spelling on your Business Cards
I know of a few people having to re-order last minute due to this minor oversight!

Tip Seven: Buy Your Train Tickets Early..
They're cheaper in advance. And plan your route too (Moorgate is the nearest tube station).

Tip Eight: Don't go For Drastic Make Overs

If you're more often than not to be found in jeans and a t-shirt, why should Cybermummy be any different. There really is no need to go and have meters cut from your barnet, or suddenly decide to go for a Jessica Rabbit look overnight. If you feel comfy, you'll be comfy, and moreover, will be confident and happy, rather than preoccupied with your "look". However, by comfy, I do not mean jammies. Then you'll look like a loon on the tube.

Tip Nine: Bring paracetomol

From what I hear, there seems to be masses of delegates doing sensible by day and then planning to cane it round London (or in my case, hot foot it back home and cane it there). So, remember the l-o-n-g train journeys you have the day after, and bring the pain killers. Hangovers and travelling are a bitch.

Tip Ten: If in doubt come find me!

I will probably call you sweetheart whilst trying to work out who you are, but everyone is welcome to come and join me and the gang, we're not fussy. We're also quite a funny bunch, and you can also laugh at Glowstars as she puts her poor feet through more shoe torture whilst we are comfy in flip flops. Although she may need assistance down staircases (as she did at Blog Camp).

Have a great one, and see you there!


  1. I really liked your dress last year! I can't remember what anyone else was wearing but I think your dress and blue, and genuinely, very nice!

  2. You looked lush last year. And not just because you were flashing me all day!

    Can't wait to see you this weekend... I'm Pippa btw ;0)


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