Friday, 24 June 2011

The Interview- Lisa Scott-Lee

In the first of what I hope will become a regular (as well as popular) feature of the blog here at 20somethingmum, I've been interviewing Steps and solo artist Lisa Scott-Lee about her life as a busy working Mum.

Lisa has teamed with HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® to support National Baby Swim Week, 20 – 27 June, and launch Swim Buddy,, a website created to encourage more mums to take the plunge with their babies.

Is it hard juggling motherhood with being in the public eye?
Lisa Scott-Lee: It can be hard but my children are my priority so they come first and work comes second. I'm lucky that my job gives me the flexibility to fit the work around my babies.

How did you become involved with the HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® campaign and what made you choose it?

Lisa Scott-Lee: I was thrilled to be asked to be an ambassador for HUGGIES® as I really want to encourage parents to take their babies swimming. It's a good chance to meet and share tips with other parents and not only is it a great form of exercise for the whole family, it's also a lovely opportunity to spend time and bond with your baby. 

There are rumours of a Steps reunion…If this ever happens, what would be the favourite song you would most like to perform? And why is it your favourite?
Lisa Scott-Lee: After all these years, there seems to still be a lot of love out there for Steps which is lovely. I've got fab memories and my favourite song is Tragedy as it was our first No.1 so it's very special to me. I would love it if we could perform it again one day so never say never!

What has been your worst experience of motherhood? And your best?
Lisa Scott-Lee: Like most mothers, the tiredness is probably the hardest thing but it's the best job in the world and the most rewarding, especially when your child tells you that they love you for the first time!

Do you worry that your child will follow you into the public eye, as it hasn't always been easy for you as a celebrity?
Lisa Scott-Lee: I think that every job has ups and downs and I've had a lot more ups so I wouldn't worry if my children chose to go into our industry as I could advise them and guide them along the way. 

How do you think you'll cope as a Mum whilst on tour or working long hours?
Lisa Scott-Lee: Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs so I quite enjoy getting up on stage when my babies are in bed and having a lay in the next day! :-)


If you could have chosen to be in any band (including Steps) which one would you have been a member of?
Lisa Scott-Lee: I would always choose Steps! We are great friends so we had the time of our lives working together and being lucky enough to travel the world.

Do you find it as easy to keep up with the dance routines and fitness level after giving birth?
Lisa Scott-Lee: As I've always been a dancer, I've had good body awareness and have chosen to eat healthily so it's helped me to keep my figure trim. I'm not a big fan of the gym as I find it hard to find the time to go with having two small babies. I prefer to do 'Zumba' classes with my girlfriends of an evening as it's great fun and great exercise too!

For further information on HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® swim pants and all things baby swimming, visit

The website includes information on more than 680 certified baby-friendly pools in the UK which meet the UK’s minimum safety criteria for pool temperature, hygiene, safety and facilities. Parents can simply enter their postcode to find their nearest baby friendly approved pool.

The website also features advice from TV stylist John Scott on how mums can boost their confidence at the pool through choosing the right swimsuit for their body shape. Fitness expert, Charlene Hutsebaut, is also on hand with tips and exercises on how to tone up in the water.

Thanks to Huggies for arranging the interview, and thanks to Lisa for her great answers!


  1. If I looked as good in a cossie I'd install a pool in my back garden!

  2. I wish I was her babies , just getting to suck her gorgeous nips .


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