Friday 15 July 2011

Dear So And So: Holidays are Coming

It's a Friday so here are this weeks Dear So and So letters. Enjoy

Dear Kids

Yes, its the holidays. Yes, that means between now and September 6th, you are at home. However, this does not mean that you have to bankrupt me as quickly as possible. Nor does it mean, on wet days, that we must stay home and watch Tiny Pop or CBeebies. It also doesn't mean you spend all day arguing over whether to watch Tiny Pop or CBeebies. And it definitely does not mean you get to sit, eat crisps and sweets and ice cream, all day, with practically a shovel to put it in with, and  throw wrappers on the floor expecting me to pick them up.
Why do we not have Summer Camp in this country?
Mummy xx

Dear Google

So addicted to Google+ already. I have no idea why, except that I am obviously a slave to social media, and live for clicking a tiny thumbs up/retweet/+ button at things that even make me slightly titter. Or things which I find hilarious yet Elder, when its repeated to him, finds not even slightly amusing and reacts by giving me a withering look. 
At this rate, I'll never leave the house. I'm even banned from having my phone at my SILs wedding in a weeks time, and the prospect fills me with horror.

Yours 20sm, in Maidenhead

Dear Elder

I'm very pleased all your tests came back completely fine. Was very scared in a girly, fluffy way. Love you loads sweetheart. Oh and the old pics of you as a kid were cute. The ones of you in your late teens/twenties were Hawt. Miaow. So would have fancied you then too. Even with very long hair, and pink grandad shirts.

C x

Dear Elder's Mum

I loved seeing some pictures of you this week- I wish I could have met you, as considering how great your children are, and the fact that every time Elder tells me a story about some of the things you did together, he smiles more than I ever see him smile about anything other than the Bratlings, I'm honored that your son shares his memories with me. The fact that, in a vastly differing time than we live in, you worked hard and rocked being a single Mum when that was socially unacceptable to be, well, I take my hat off to you. Its my wish and hope that my daughter, named after you, is half as strong as you were- because then nothing will ever faze her, she'll be like granite. Thank you x

Claire x

Dear Other Bridesmaids at SIL's wedding next week

Please, if you even think that Mini is about to do a diva act, just somebody wrestle her to the ground. She still thinks the wedding is not about anyone other than her (its her bridemaid, apparently) so I'm not entirely sure how she'll react to the other 6 of you, plus her Aunt all dressed up. So, I suggest sidetracking her with one word- Octonauts. Works every time.

Dear you lot reading this

We have another gorgeous Guest Spot for you tomorrow, from Emma at Mellow Mummy, so pop on back here tomorrow morning to read a cracking post from someone other than me! Tee hee! Anyway, someone pass the Gin please, a girl can only take so much from the Bratlings.


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