Friday, 12 August 2011

Want to Help After the Riot?

After my frankly angry post towards our useless Prime Minister (who quoted exactly what I said he would about lessons being learned. Grr) it was brilliant to see the riot clean up posts on Twitter. People taking the time to go to the places hit, with brooms and bin bags, making tea and really showing that the UK can be a place that thrives on community.

Now, being that I wasn't near enough to help, sucked. I wanted to do my bit, help the people who through no fault of their own got hit by the thuggery.

Then, Elder called me over to the computer, as he was quite upset. It seems one of his close friends, who he's known since childhood, woke up to find out her nephew had been one of those to lose his home.

Worse still, he was being interviewed by the BBC, as he stood helpless in the street watching his flat, and all his possessions burn. Its lucky that he got out alive, but he has lost literally everything.

So, if you'd like to help out, I'd love to collect some money for him, to send as a gesture that, whilst certain members of the UK have let him down spectacularly, there are people who care, who want to reignite his belief in society.

If you want to give as little or much as you can, then please do. We will deposit money into Paypal, and forward it and any messages of support on.

And just so you can see how hard it was for him, here's the clip

Get in touch via email if you'd like to donate.

Thank you.

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