Wednesday 30 November 2011

Dear Anon Poster. This is Just For You

To all my regular readers, the following post, which you are welcome to read, is not about you. Its specifically for the person or group of people who have, for quite some time now, been trying to make my life just that little bit harder by bullying me, playground style, via the web. Now, this sad, lonely person or group thinks its hilarious (I imagine) to use many different ways to harass and abuse me (and I'd imagine others) including using search engines to leave nasty comments about me, knowing I will find them, or by using Twitter and other message boards to impersonate me. Or by just leaving narky comments on my blog. However, this person or group is so brave in what they are doing, they don't put their name to it. They hide behind "Anonymous". Brave, really brave.

Here's an open invite to them:

Dear Sad Act Troll(s)

See this:

Its a screen shot, taken directly from my stat counter. It tells me where you were at 11.20 last night. In a hotel, The Atlantic Hotel in Essex to be exact.

This was easy to find. You see, you may think I'm thick, not good at spelling or maths or grammar (granted, the maths one- I often take the mickey out of myself over my appalling lack of maths skills, but then, I'm number blind so it can't be helped. For future reference you may wish to comment on my Geography skills being lacking, despite my good GCSE grade in the subject. Just a heads up for next time you are so kindly pointing out my faults and failures), but when someone leaves a comment on my blog, the time is recorded. 

On the 21st of November you somehow come up with 3 weeks to Christmas. Your "blog" is boring (apart from the interesting spelling and abuse of grammar) but your maths provide some entertainment.
By Anonymous on Christmas is Coming... Look Busy on 29/11/11

Its then just a hop, skip and jump over to my stat counter to see where the comment i-frame is recorded, then its simply a case of drilling down to the IP address and location of the person who commented. And, as you can see, how they came to find my blog (you know, you don't actually have to put "That idiot 20somethingmum"  into Google, I see you can find me via searching for Chavette, young mums and even, Lord help us, "Dr Dawn Harper's breasts"). 

So, a hotel. Why you were sitting in your hotel room at 11.20 at night, and thought of me, I can only guess. Perhaps the naughty night away with the hubby wasn't all it was meant to be? Maybe you were alone, and bored, and having no life, thought "oh what fun, I'll be abusive to and about Claire again, what jolly good times". Maybe you are mentally ill? I can only guess why someone, who clearly finds my blog boring, and thinks of me as an idiot or worse would spend that time wasting 7 minutes on my blog? By the way, you read about my son too- you can see I genuinely don't need someone being a nasty piece of work, but at least you had the sense not to be abusive about that post. 

Did you sit there laughing? What sort of person thinks "well, I know she'll find it, she may even cry!" (for the record, nope, didn't cry, just thought "yawn, here we go again") and carries on, month after month being as nasty as possible?

I'm going to stop speculating on the why's and wherefores of your mentally ill self. What I am going to do is invite you to email me to let me know exactly what it is that I've done which has led you to behave like a child. I've also contacted the hotel- so if you happen to be on a jolly with a PR firm footing the bill, I'm assuming that this will be your last one.  

Can I point you in the direction of the guy who also thought he was funny writing nasty things on sites- he was the first no-mark to be found guilty of trolling and sent to prison. If you continue, you'll be joining him.

Bullying of any kind has to be stopped, it also has to be held up. 

As for being anonymous, my advice to you is this- grow a pair and put your name to it. 

Another piece of advice: hate me and my blog so much, then toddle off elsewhere. I'd rather you didn't bother coming over, I don't need the stats. 

My email address is


  1. Luckily I have not been the victim of trolling, just loads of spam.
    I do think people use the net to say what they would never in 'real life' have the guts or stupidity to say. Bullies are to be ignored, pitied but never homoured, well done for standing your ground and telling them to grow a pair!

  2. Ignore them they were the bullies at school who thought they were really big now they aren't in the playground they have to hide behind the internet xx

  3. Well done Claire. I hope you are as proud of this post as you should be. xx

  4. Why is this person singling you out? It seems very vindictive of them.

  5. I haven't actually come across this sort of thing before- only read about it in the news. I am shocked. Bullies are cowards - you go girl! Tell us what the hotel said! -HMx

  6. well done Claire I hope whoever this is stops it, there is truly no need for it. I love the stats counter tho it amazing how much details you can easily find out about every visitor :)


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