Friday, 9 December 2011

Oi- Cosmicgirlie- I Wants Me a Calendar!

Way back when it was warm enough to wear flip flops, I went on the train to Cybermummy and was shouted at by a drill Sargent dressed as Mochabeanie Mummy  had my picture taken by sauce pot and purveyor of all things bacon and photography related, Cosmic Girlie Jay of Mochabeanie Mummy for her "Blogger Calendar."

It was a harrowing experience I still suffer nightmares about to this day  right old laugh and now, if we who starred in it (and you who didn't) want a copy, we have to bid via Post. The lovely Tara at Sticky Fingers  (who Jay also probably scared the Grandmother out of) has got her PR cap firmly on and has asked the lovely people at Snapfish to print the calendar for us all, but in limited numbers, so here's my reason for getting a nearly free copy! Hooray! 

Firstly, we have to have a picture of our inspiration and reason for blogging, so here's mine:

Simply, its shows the friendships, and not to mention silliness, that blogging can bring. When I feel a bit phfft about it all, I look at the pics I have from blogging events and carry on. 

Next we have to give a brief Blogging CV. I usually lie on CVs but I'm pleased to say I didn't have to:

Claire "20somethingmum" Curran

Chatham, Kent. But shhhh don't tell anyone.

29 forever for the purposes of not losing my hard worked for Klout brand thingy wotsit.

About me:
Known to be fond of the odd rant, but a good team player, not great at maths (as some like to point out), but always happy to share the odd freebie, glass of wine, and hug when needed. Started blogging through boredom in 2006, pre-bratlings, now continues to stop her brain rotting away with inappropriate or kid friendly songs, to chat with similar minded, slightly geeky fellow owners of warped senses of humour who hide out on the underworld that is Online.

Some say her inability to shut it. Oh hang on skills, not weaknesses. Erm, I'm good at music and other pointless knowledge. I know how to use spell checker. And I also know Nickie Typecast can do HTML which I can then pretend I did.

Damn, if you'd have asked last year I'd have said the bloody Gurgle Award which meant sod all really but looked good on my business cards I was a Finalist in the MADS. But I lost. Sob. But I'm over that now. 
Managed to nick lots of wine whilst wearing crippling shoes at Cybermummy.

So, there we have it. 

Hope that counts Jay? 

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