Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012- Out With the Negative, In With the Positive

Come on people, humour me here. Let's all take a collective deep breath and let it all out. Doesn't that feel better?

Now, don't be alarmed- I've not become some spiritual mumbo jumbo spouting annoying type over the holiday season. I shall not be driving you mad with hocus pocus drivel. Promise.

What I am saying is that it's a new year, its a big one, what with the Queen being in her billionth year and some sports people running about London in the summer. It's bound to create the opportunity for laughs a plenty as something inevitably goes wrong, led by Boris Johnson. I personally would love "God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols be released again, to really annoy all the Royal lovers.

Personally, this is a big year for me too. I'm turning 30 in February, and I kind of feel the excuse of being in my twenties has worn a bit thin now. Its time to pull my socks up. Its time to stop sweating the small stuff. Its time to, dare I say it, let the positivity in.

2011 was bit of a mixed bag. Yes, I was nominated for a MAD award. Yes, the blog grew (a tiny bit. Hardly noticeable). However, I found myself caring less and less about the whole social media thing which I have pitched myself at for a number of years.

I think seeing the last two Tots lists- the Twitter and overall top blogs one really made me think- why am I doing this for? I don't seem to be getting further, just going backwards if anything. I don't feel the same way about it as I used to.

So, what is the point?

Life should make you happy. Sure, there are things we cannot control, sucks but there are always going to be tough times. I think the bigger picture for me occurred when I was all miserable about blogging and my seeming lack of actual success at it. Then the TV offered up a massive bitch slap in the form of a Highlights of Comic Relief show. Then I felt like a right cow for actually feeling like it was that important.

Anyway, there are changes coming.

For starters, the name is changing very soon (once I'm happy with tweaking it and the logo). I'm not going to be twenty something for much longer, and I feel there is too much negativity caught up in the name of this blog, its kind of become a millstone round my neck and an alter-ego I can do without.

Positivity is the word. No more scraps. No more caring just a tiny bit too much. I'm so over that stuff. Let some other bugger care too much for a change!

Let the good times roll and other similar popular phrases!

Here's one last tip from me. If you are feeling a bit like I am, like everything is just a little bit dragging you down, go out and buy a book I've been reading called "Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit?" I swear, this book says what I think, its almost like I wrote the thing. I happened across it just after Christmas in a second hand shop, and you can buy the whole series from EBay for a few pounds. Its as if someone listened to Blurs "Modern Life is Rubbish" album and turned it into a book. 

Certainly makes for inspired reading and lots of belly laughs. 

In summary let's all get a bit more positive. You know it makes sense!


  1. 30 doesn't actually make you any more grown up you know - take it from a ahem going to be 36yo this year.
    I have a book which I love - SOD CALM AND GET ANGRY - full of fantastic quotes!
    Looking forward to the rebirth!

  2. I loved that book! Look forward to seeing the new you then!


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