Saturday, 25 February 2012

Mini's Outfit of the Week

Yep, that title can be sung in the style of a Harry Hill Burp theme tune...

So, after last week's Silent Sunday post, and the popularity of The Bratling's video interview for Do Something Yummy, I've decided to make Mini's Outfit of the Week a regular feature. Feel free to join in with your own kids unique style!

In this daring ensemble, Mini is wearing a pair of grey Mary-Jane shoes with diamanté details, from Next, some grey tights with pink love hearts, a grey plaid wool pinafore dress from Zara Kids and an M&S spotted top. 

I like to think she was doing well with the grey tie ins until she got to the top, but due to her being unable to open her other two draws that house her tops, she went with what she could reach!

Hair is by her bed!


  1. well at least she has a good excuse! GG today went out in denim shorts with yellow leggings underneath and a white t shirt - tucked in!!

  2. Such a cool post idea!!! And she is definitely looking stylish!!! ;)


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