Monday 5 March 2012

Playschool (Clothing) Related Issues

I'm quite fussy with regards the clothes and shoes I dress my children in.

Littlest's Geography teacher chic blazer.
Elder says this is down to blatant snobbery on my part. However, as a kid my parent's didn't have much disposable income, and perhaps didn't know of the life or death importance of dressing right and having certain items when it comes to school and your fellow classmates.

Whilst I don't spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothes- I'm an excellent bargain spotter and list EBay shopping as a hobby and life skill, my kids often get remarked upon as dressing tidy and nice.

Most other parent's probably have two separate piles at home, for clothes for wearing on weekends or when at a special occasion, and another pile of tattier play clothes for playschool.

I have never had anything of the sort. Even my sisters in law have been baffled that the Bratlings don't wear track suits indoors. I personally hate tracksuits. I don't own any myself and don't wish to. For me, they symbolise everything I hate about my old area. Everyone wore tracksuits. I think, fine if you're off to the gym, then great. But for Tesco? For going to school to pick up the kids? No, not for me.

The Bratlings- they love clothes. Just not Tracksuits.
Likewise, the Bratling's don't really own the things either. Mini was given pink Lonsdale and High School Musical sets of tracksuits, but I think she's worn them all of 3 times and never outside the house. I've certainly never bought them.

I spent quite a bit on Littlest starting nursery- it coincided with a growth spurt so it was time for new jeans, jumpers, tops and shirts. A few hoodies- I don't mind these so much on Littlest but they are mainly Next ones, not sports design ones. Elder bought him a lovely pair of tufty Timberland boots, as his Kickers were getting too small too.

All has been fine with this. Until last Wednesday.

I went to pick Littlest up as usual, and as I got to the gate, Ms H, his Teacher (or whatever the nursery equivalent is called these days) was waiting with him. I wasn't late so I thought maybe he'd been naughty, or coughing and she wanted to chat.

She's quite a sartorially challenged woman, it has to said. In the sense that she wears Shell Suits. And a baseball cap. Indoors. However, I've always found her pleasant enough, and the clothes obviously don't maketh the woman. 

She said, loudly "I need a word about his clothes and shoes as they're unsuitable".

Queue loads of Mums turning round to view my son and his unsuitable clothing- you'd think I'd sent him out in slippers and a dress from the way everyone turned to look and her calling his clothes "unsuitable".

Apparently the issue is not so much Littlest's clothes, its that they have 39 children at the nursery and so, after taking on too many kids and there being 4 teachers, they can't be bothered  are too busy to put everyone's shoes and clothes back on after PE. Which I had no idea they do as they aren't required to have a kit (or uniform) and do this PE in vest and pants (which is a bit 1987 really).

However, I promised I'd sort something out.

So, I was pretty miffed that Thursday and Friday I was moaned at for not having sorted out these "suitable" items straight away. On Thursday, they'd even stuck a note in his folder about how uniform or certain clothes aren't mandatory but (and that's basically where they may as well have added "but we expect you to be psychic and buy clothes we specify at the last minute to you at random") there are certain things they want them to wear.

Considering he's been there since September, this is the first I've heard of it. Th teacher didn't seem to understand that I don't drive and Maidenhead isn't exactly over run with shops for kids, let alone sport shops. And that funnily enough I budget for things. Or that I have a life and another child to fetch from school.

Elder managed to get him some Velcro Adidas trainers at the weekend, but I cannot bear the idea of a tracksuit. So I am taking a stand and saying no! The Teacher even had the audacity to patronise me about "well done for buying him shoes he can manage". Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not 3 so you don't need to use that tone voice at me woman. 

What do you think? Should nursery kids be expected to dress themselves, or should we just have uniform for all kids whatever stage they're at?

Let me know what you think!

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  1. What to wear is often a dilemma parents and children face each day in the life of a child. Children often have very strong opinions about their clothing and how they want to dress. Learning how to get clothes on and off is also a big part of a child's life.


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