Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Pre-Conference "What the Feck Do I Wear/Do/Bring?" Post

Yippee! At this time tomorrow, Britmums (and a few Dads) will be on the doorstep of The Brewery, Chiswell Street, for the first Britmums Live, ever.

Now, me being an old timer (cough) in the blogging sense (I'm only 30, so definitely only in the blogging sense), I have been to a few of these meets and conferences before. In fact, it was my third Blogversary on the 19th at this address, but all together I've blogged since 2006.

Every year, I've done a countdown type post, its a bit later than usual this year but then my brain has decided to fail me the last few months (hence I'm off to a Neurologist next week to find out why, finally).

So, here we have the "What The Feck Do I" post:


Simple, keep it simple guys. There's no need to glam up to epic proportions, just make sure its clean clothes with no baby sick/egg/food stains, clean hair, clean teeth and be comfy. Be yourself. Yes, the BiBs are in the evening, but, if you're not a finalist bring a bit of extra lippy to slick on and you're sorted. If you are a finalist, I suggest a pair of heels to slip into.

If you usually wear jeans, then wear jeans. If you fancy wearing a dress as you haven't had a chance for a while, do that (just shave your legs first). If it feels good and makes you feel confident then that's exactly what to do- if you feel self conscious, it will wreck your whole day.

Here's what I'm wearing:


Are you nervous, or maybe worried about walking into a room full of people you barely know? Well, I thought there may be a few people feeling this way.

Once you're in the conference venue, you'll be so busy you'll forget your nerves, and, of course, there will be the Britmums Butterflies to sort out the really nervy amongst you.

However, sometimes just getting to the stage of being comfy walking in is a struggle. Worry no more, just get yourself to Starbucks near Moorgate tube station as I'll be there from 12.45 to meet anyone who wants a helping hand to walk in. There are quite a few meeting here between 12.45 and 1.45, so don't be shy!

That way, a big group of us can wander along, safe in the knowledge that all day we'll already have met earlier- takes the scare factor out of all those faces!

As a guide, I'll be going on the Circle Line from Paddington (heads up, if anyone wants to meet here let me know), to Moorgate tube, and then you head north in a straight line to Starbucks. Turn North out the station, past Ropemaker Street, and the Starbucks is on Finsbury Pavement with Marks and Spencers opposite.

If you can't meet up, then chin up. Its fine, really, you wont be the only nervous person there, just jump in on a conversation, say hi, introduce yourself and get chatting!


Again, something which causes confusion is what one needs to bring.

I suggest a notebook and pen, for jotting down, erm, notes obviously, not to mention to take down numbers or other info like blog addresses on the day.

Also bring some spare make up- not lots, just a lippy and a bit of powder, its a long old day.

Business Cards are optional but I find these handy if you want to find out more from the sponsors after the event. Its also nice to hand them out to other bloggers.

Sweets. These are for me only, obviously, and should be given over on seeing me at any point over the two days. Only kidding. Its nice to have some though, we shared some during the keynotes last year.

Chargers for your tech stuff. It sucks when you run out of battery. There are charging points this year which is brilliant.

Camera- well, there are 'slebs there. You want to show off to your non-blogging "blogging is for geeks" mates on Facebook afterwards. Think also of the posts you'll want to write on Sunday too.

Tissues. Those keynote speeches are notorious for making you first cry laughing, then blub at sad posts, then cry again. 


Have a great two days, eat cakes, come say hi to as many people as you can. If you are nervous, come find me, I'm happy to guide you, give you a hug and steal your sweets at any time during Friday and Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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  1. See you there. I am especially looking forward to the cakes!


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