Thursday, 18 October 2012

So, I Had My MRI ......

I've been having weird dizzy spells. 

Not like me at all- I'm not a fainter, never have been. But earlier this year, I started to get some very weird symptoms, which were quite scary, actually.

Like I'd be doing something perfectly normal like walking Mini home from school, or picking up the toys off Littlest's floor, when I'd black out. Not in a way that would mean I fell over, but in a juddery vision, fell myself going and snap back way. I'd go to bend and feel the floor coming up to meet me.

Then there was my memory. Or lack of it- if I had one of these dizzy attacks, I'd forget totally what I'd been doing. I get a headache, and then it as if my whole days activities would snap out. Like when I was in my local supermarket, and my vision went weird, my head started to hurt and I forgot entirely what I was there for.  I only remembered I had to hurry up and get back home to pick up Littlest as I saw a Mum whose kid was also at the same school.

Elder told me to go to my GP, so I did.

Now, I wasn't a massive fan of this GP, he has now left the surgery thankfully. He had a whole attitude problem that he felt every time I saw him (not that often as I hated going) it was something down to me having depression 4 years ago. Basically, he was a knob end, a useless waste of a title, who had to be begged to do anything, like Littlest and his allergy testing. 3 years of asking  nothing done, until we saw his colleague who sorted all of Littlest's problems out in one go. In a matter of a few phone calls.

Anyway, off I went  and he did his usual "couldn't be less interested if I tried" face. However, he organised a referral for me. I didn't hold my breath that he would actually make the referral though.

Eventually, after having to prompt him twice more, he sent me to the local Consultant. Who was lovely. He agreed my symptoms were worrying and that they needed to be looked at.

Next stop was a head MRI, I was so nervous about this but it was fine. Noisy but over quickly or so it felt at the time (Elder was waiting an hour for me, I felt like I was in and out in 10 minutes tops!).

I went for my results yesterday, thinking that, should something have been found, it would be frightening but at least we could sort it out.

Except it appears it isn't me head that is the issue. 

So, now I'm back at square one. 

I still have days, like today where even standing up makes me feel sick, I have an awful pain in my neck and my head is killing me. I have migraines but these are over after a nap in a dark room, but these headaches are strange in that they don't blur my vision like my migraines do, they just hurt lots but I can still read and type as normal.

The Consultant had suggested my having an ECG to rule out a heart rate issue or a low blood pressure problem. However, the ECG department wont see me as I'm the "wrong age", and if I want to follow that up I have to go back to my (nice new) GP at the surgery and start the whole referral process over again.

But now we have no idea what is causing it, but I hate it, I feel awful alot, the dizziness is diabolical, as for the forgetfulness, I feel like a Granny!

Any ideas? Anyone have a suggestion of what it could be? Any suggestions of where I can lead the GP to would be great!

*Suffering from dizzy spells and blackouts can be a very scary experience, an MRI scan performed by radiographers maybe required to be on the safe side if your GP feels the symptoms are getting worse. In a situation like this, you may want to be in more comfortable surroundings such as one of the private hospitals in Birmingham where the scan can be performed in a morning appointment.

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  1. It must be awful to feel this way nearly all the time. I really hope you get it sorted and your new gp can help you out. X


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