Saturday, 12 January 2013

Diet Diarist- Just The Kick I Need!

If you read my last post, you'll know I am embarking on a massive health kick.

I will be 31 in a few weeks. I've noticed that, in the last few years I don't find my body likes it when I pig out and then slob around. I also think that, since we've had the car, and since blogging means I can be happily static in a chair, my fitness level has plummeted.

It was time to do something about it. 

I'm not silly enough these days to crash diet. I certainly wont be doing what I did before and using the Atkins Diet either. I was quite disheartened last year when I tried this, supposedly amazing, method and it made me really ill. 

This time, I have an amount of calories to stick to (1,200) per day. That means, I can track online what I eat, and instead of going without and eating rice cakes and lettuce, I can still have pasta, potatoes and the odd treat without feeling like a massive failure.

I have also found yoga and zumba excellent. I used Yoga when I was pregnant with Mini, as I got awful cramps in my legs for the last few months. Zumba excites me- I used to dance from a young age until I was 15 and damaged my knee, I was so fit then as I was a Guide too who threw herself into constant sport, and was really lean as a result.

I was the child who dinner ladies used to think was unwell as I was always so naturally skinny (despite eating loads!)- just like Mini is now! 

There is no better kick than looking at old photos too. When I was 30 weeks pregnant with Mini, in 2007, I was able to wear 30 inch waist jeans with no Lycra with ease. I still have these tiny jeans in my wardrobe, they were my favourite pair. 
A happy size 10/12 in 2002

The rot set in when I was breastfeeding. For the first time since I was a teen, I could eat whole pizzas, chips and ice cream, and I lost weight rather than putting it on. I think that was when I looked my best, as I was slim of waist and massive of chest! 

Then, of course I gave up the breastfeeding when Mini was 11 months (teeth are a bitch on a baby) and immediately found out I was pregnant with Littlest. So, I foolishly thought, well, I can carry on eating junk, because I would just breastfeed all over again.
A healthy size 12 in 2008 with a 4 month old!

Except of course Littlest was born at 28 weeks and my milk refused to oblige us both. 

From then, my appetite had increased, my depression kicked in, and I went from a healthy for my height size 12 in December 2008, to now, when I found myself an overweight size 16/18.  
Hiding behind a big bag and Littlest in June 2012

You steadily notice that I was usually happy to be in pictures to hiding behind the camera, or only allowing a head shot of me. I hate being photographed. I also have no full length mirrors in the house. Its no good hiding.

I am now also being given another incentive- I am going to documenting my weight loss at as one of their Diet Diarists.

I promise too that, should I falter, I will be honest. Weight loss and being healthier after years of throwing junk in my body and doing limited amounts of exercise are never easy.

But, I hope by the summer at least I will go from 168lb to 138lb instead.

I am on it my readers! Let me know if you'd like to join me.

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