Friday, 18 January 2013

Diet Diary: This Week, I am Mostly Spotty.

You may have read my post about being picked to become a Diet Diarist on My first diary for them has gone live today, you can find it here. However, I thought I'd add to it here too.

So, this week started on Sunday with the first weigh in I'd braved since starting my own personal weight loss challenge 2 and a half weeks ago. I was pretty nervous as this is usually the point during a diet were I am starting to feel horrendous (due to cutting out food groups), and then weigh myself to find I've not lost so much as half a pound.

I stepped on my Wii Balance Board and closed my eyes (no, not because I was adding X Factor style drama, but because my Wii Fit tells you to sometimes to see if it effects your balance!). When I opened them, my BMI had decreased. Which meant I had actually lost weight. 3lbs to be exact. 

After dancing round the living room, I carried on with my Sunday workout.

The problem is, doing a workout when the Brats are home is a pain in the (hopefully soon to be trim) arse. They at first moan that they can't watch CiTV or Cbeebies. Then they moan that they want to have a go. Then, when I put Just Dance on, they jump about behind me and end up being knocked over when I copy the moves!

Onwards and upwards though.

The food part- usually my utter downfall- has been fine. No hard slogs. I find it helpful to keep a diary of everything I eat and have been, on occasion shocked at the amount of fats and calories in food I assumed was pretty healthy.

Mini- still not impressed by the lack of car rides home!*
Despite the cold, we've been walking home (although even I felt a bit mean making Mini walk on Wednesday as it was truly freezing. 

She wasn't too impressed, but until last June we walked there and back whatever the weather. Cars truly make you and your kids lazy. We only live less than ten minutes from school, and ten minutes from our local town centre, but it's become second nature to not even consider walking. Obviously, this doesn't send a very healthy message to either of the Brats.

In fact, the swapping crap for fruit attitude is slowly rubbing of on them. Instead of constantly asking for sweets and crisps, they've been asking, more and more, to have an apple, an orange or a handful of sultanas instead.

Its just as easy as well to help myself to a handful of fruit rather than a big bag of crisps. As for cola, thats been swapped for fruit juice and sparkling water. 

I have so much more energy too, which is great, as I'm used to being totally shattered by 8pm every night, thus missing out on discussions about the new must see TV shows after the watershed. 

My migraines seems to be on the wain too. That is a very pleasant side effect as they have plagued me for years and make me positively miserable.

One bad thing (I said I'd be honest in this diary and I will)? Spots.

I am spottier than I have been since I was about 15! I know from looking online that its a side effect of all the rubbish coming out of my body, and the change in my diet. They will fade and go after a while but thank heavens for concealer as one of the spots is big enough to scare small children or need planning permission from the council!

I did chuckle though over the beef burger debacle this week. (Anyone who follows my Facebook or Twitter, can I apologise now for the shocking jokes I posted on there!). Usually, I'd have been worried the Brats or myself may have ingested one of these Horse specials, but, since cleaning out the cupboards and freezer, we've not eaten burgers in ages. Phew!

How are you doing? Are you joining in? Feel free to comment below what you are finding hard or what side effects you have had from changing your lifestyle.

Next week, I'll be letting you know how I'm getting on, I'll be reporting back on my Zaggora Hotpants, and some new DVDs I'm trying too.

*Photo: Copyright C.Curran.

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