Monday, 4 March 2013

Diet Diary: This Week, I am Mostly Feeling Skinny!

I want to kick off this post by saying that viruses at this time of year absolutely suck big time. 


I have had a virus for around two weeks. It started off as your common old cough and bunged up nose, it was making me feel rubbish but I could just about carry on with the exercise. Nothing has made me stop the diet bar my birthday meal, but I found by last Sunday that yoga was just out of the question. 

I did go back to a DVD Elder bought me a couple of years back- a Ministry of Sound Pump It Up one. I tried it out when I first got it and had been dying to try it out as I love the music in it. I got as far as the first 5 minutes of the warm up, and couldn't carry on. Then, then day after, my legs had seized up so bad walking was an effort. Oh the shame!

This time I threw myself into it and even with the virus-from-hell, I found it really simple and enjoyable. And, what's more, I could walk like normal the next day too!

I felt that perhaps the Virus-From-Hell was going at last.

Hell. No.

Oh my God it wasn't, it came back so bad by Monday evening that I couldn't see straight. I was getting dizzier and dizzier, and went to bed early to sleep it off.

Tuesday, my shopping day, I can barely remember- Elder told me to write him a list and he'd make the trek to the supermarket alone, but I said I'd be fine and off we went. I can't remember being there, I don't know what I bought, but when we got back I went to bed feeling really sick and headachey.

I couldn't eat that day, I managed some toast and that was it. I hate not eating, really hate it, but I heaved everytime I thought about food, let alone tried to eat any. I made the Brats a quick dinner, but I couldn't even serve it up.

By Wednesday, it had me stuck in bed, literally unable to move my head off the pillow or to turn it to the left or right. I felt fine in general, so went to get up to have a shower but the floor came up to meet me and my vision just went. 

The thing is, I can deal with headaches, coughs, ear ache, anything where I can take a couple of Nurofen and get on with it. Dizziness plagues me though, and I hate it as there is sod all I can do but lie there.

Again, food just wasn't possible, and I was really sick too anytime I tried to drink water or go to the loo.

Thursday I got downstairs and nibbled some toast but that was it, and Friday, although I could get about I still couldn't lean over or pick something off the floor. I had some chips and that was about it, I drank lots of water to flush my body out but it wasn't playing ball and I slept sitting upright for fear of lying flat and waking up with vertigo again. I still am now!

Thankfully Saturday I managed a healthy chicken salad, and Sunday I was starving so had my roast dinner, a bacon roll and a pork pie. I figured that, after barely eating for days my body is desperate for food!

However, I finally got the courage up over the weekend to try on my much missed size 14 jeans and they fit!

I think there are more pleasant ways to get rid of the last few ounces necessary to fit into a smaller jeans size, of course, but they are really quite loose round the waist. I am going to carry on with the healthy eating and exercise as I don't find it a chore at all, I enjoy it. 

I never thought I'd look forward to working out but I don't think I had the motivation or the right mix of exercise to keep my interest up. DVDs are so cheap now finding new ones isn't difficult in my local second hand shops either.

So, I have gone from a so close its a week away size 18 to a 14, from close to 13 stone to under 11.

I couldn't be happier!

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