Friday, 5 April 2013

Mini and the Tooth

Mini is growing up fast, she'll be six next Wednesday- which frankly feels ridiculous as only a little while ago she still felt like a baby.

As such, the changes as she gets older have been more and more noticeable  She has lost her babyish face, she is very opinionated and knows why she has that opinion. The things that make her laugh are defined, and she loves certain music and hates others. Namely, she likes anything we don't like and hates anything old.

The last bastion of babyhood has been her teeth.

Her school friend's started losing their teeth before Christmas, so this has been a constant source of annoyance to Mini's as hers resolutely refused to wobble, let alone fall out.
So, when she noticed one of her bottom front teeth was wobbly last weekend, she was over the moon.

Its steadily gotten looser as they tend to do, and I've had to tell her 50 times a day not to poke it, pull it or twist it. She kept asking when the tooth would fall out, why is she not allowed to take it out herself, and I even caught her inviting Littlest to smack her with his toy golf club to knock it out (golf clubs were promptly hidden in the cupboard). I did try and explain that it would fall out when it's ready, that its making way for the new Big tooth which will replace it, and, as that tooth moves up, it moves the other tooth out the way. She wasn't interested though- she wanted it gone so she can see the Tooth Fairy or see what the Tooth Fairy brings her, cash wise.

After reading one of her Charlie and Lola books, she decided she wanted an apple to help in the tooth removal process.

I bought her some today- there was no way I thought that an apple will remove a tooth before it's ready.

Except Charlie and Lola were right. It did.

The whoops of joy at the tooth escaping were on a par with that advert where the kids get told they're off to Disneyland. Clearly, if Mini ever did go to Disneyland, she'd explode with excitement if a tooth has that reaction.

The tooth is tiny. Its quite a strange feeling, that a tooth which once meant her changing from a baby to a toddler, from eating mush to eating proper food, and which at one point probably meant a few nights of disturbed sleep when she was teething, has now gone, to be replaced by the next stage in the growing up process.

I have no idea what the going rate is for the Tooth Fairy. Has she been effected by the recession? When I was a child you got 50p for tiny teeth and £1 for the bigger and superior back teeth. Mini wants £100. Not a chance!

So, what's next in the child to tween process? It already feels like she grows every day.

She's wobbling another tooth now. Think I'll hide the apples!

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