Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mini: From Newborn to Six, and Everything In Between

Yesterday was Mini's sixth birthday and we had a bit of a quiet one. What with the disgracefully poor spring time weather we've been having, and the fact Littlest is once again unwell, we decided not to organise a party like last years until June, so both the Brats can enjoy one together, and hopefully the weather may have got its arse in gear by then! After all, who wants to be stuck in jumpers and boots on their birthday?

I took her swimming, which she utterly loves, and then we watched a film of her choice, followed by birthday cake and all her favorite foods.

She was happy and off she went to bed, singing along to her Little Mix album and asking whether today will be Doctor Who day.

After sitting down with a glass of wine, as parent's we started remembering the last 6 years, how much our little girl has grown, her changing tastes and attitudes. I always feel that birthdays are of course for those born on that day, but there is a cause for celebration to those who brought about the birth in the first place.

We've seen her grow from an over confident, born performer to being more quiet and considered recently. She has calmed down the tantrums, and has an air of "I'm so grown up now," yet still likes her teddy whites for bedtime and still wants a hug in the middle of the night.

She has very definite opinions on everything: boys are stupid (except her boyfriend), Doctor Who is very obviously real (or he'd not have been in London filming), and school is crap (bar having fun with her mates). She loves Doctor Seuss books, anything sci-fi, and music is brilliant as long as its current and nothing at all what Mummy and Daddy like. Unless Mummy lies and tells her its Little Mix's Mums and Dads. 

She likes her teacher, sort of, as long as she's not moaning at her, and she likes her room tidy. She wants to be a fashion designer and she likes drawing on any piece of paper she can find. She likes being the tallest in the class, and that one of the classroom assistants refers to her as Dolly (as in Dolly Day Dream as she's always doodling), she hates spelling tests and homework, but wants to start sewing club as she's bored of zumba now.

She makes me laugh with what makes her laugh. She can be a pest but 99% of the time she is just a funny little thing to be around. She cares alot about her brother, but bosses him around all the time, in a good natured way.

Yep, as daughter's go, I think we're pretty lucky with what type we have ended up with. And I hope she continues to be a funny, intelligent and confident girl.

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