Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Annual Britmums Live Handy Hints Post- 2013 Edition


(Insert over excited jumping around movement here).

It's so close to Britmums Live now, I can almost smell the waft of free wine in the air.

However, like every year, I have seen many a tweet or Facebook status with people getting the pre-conference jitters. So, like every year before, here is my handy hints post, this year merged to include the "this is me" meet and greet element (seen as most of you know me by now. I'm so old now I remember when blogs came by carrier pigeon, neatly typed to your doorstep).

Firstly, the Handy (ahem) Hints.

Most important of all, don't stress out! We are, all of us, at the Conference to meet up with those people who have commented on our blogs, or tweeted at us, or liked a status on Facebook. We are not there to have rants at each other. Promise. (Oh and before Susannah tells me off. We are there to learn too).

It's something I've seen new conference novices worry about online in the last few days and that's both sad and worrying. I've never, ever, witnessed a row of any sort at Britmums Live (or Cybermummy before it). I have no idea where this has come from, and, even me in my most controversial and 'could have easily gotten a slap from someone' days never once had anything but a giggle at Britmums. So, please, please don't worry. 

You'll find lots of people are just as nervous as you- walking into a massive room with only the small avatars or possible badges from a blog to go by to introduce yourself to people is nerve wracking. However, do not feel that you can't come and join a conversation- another thing people worry about is that we all know each other and you are the only one there who knows no one. Totally not the case! 

I know a few of us oldies all know one another through years of pitching up to conferences but we love new people coming and joining us. We wont shun you, or walk away. It's not school after all.

Right, as for clothing- wear what feels right. 

Gok Wan and Trinny and Susannah are not going to be on the doors, doing a "you wore that to Britmums, well you aren't getting in sweetheart". So, if jeans and a t-shirt with comfy shoes works for you, then that's great. Likewise, if walking in heels and wearing a dress is your thing, do that. 

Anything goes bar puked on jamas (seriously, if anyone wears a Onesie though I'll buy them a drink for their bravery), so don't worry about the latest yummy mummy fashions and spend a huge amount in Boden only to feel uncomfortable. If you feel comfy, you will be comfy, and you wont spend time worrying if your hem is too high or your boobs are in danger of spilling out.

Business Cards are great. The first time I went to a conference, only a small handful of us had these, and I made mine myself (not a good idea). Now, they are a handy way to show off your own individual style and give the brands that are there a way of getting hold of you after the event. If you're not a PR friendly blogger who will happily take a goodie bag home and that's it, that's fine, but a card can be given to your fellow bloggers ( I loved the Sunday after Britmums last year as I spent the day going through all the blogs I had cards for).


Last year, I casually mentioned that I would wait around in Starbucks across the road from Chiswell Street on Friday afternoon. I thought that, perhaps, three people may turn up. I was so wrong! We rammed that place!

So, once again, if you fancy meeting up early, are shy and want to go to a small meet up before the big one to ease yourself in, or if you just want a crowd to go back to if you get a bit overwhelmed at the weekend, then come along to the pre-conference Coffee and Cake meet up.

If you click you can make this bigger :)

I'll once again be at Starbucks on Friday from around 12.30, anyone who fancies meeting up is welcome to come along between 12.30 and 15 minutes before the doors open at The Brewery. We can all walk down together, walk in together, and it's great if you are newer and don't know anyone yet. 

Also, if you happen to be coming via Paddington, let me know and we'll work out if we can meet up there too. The nearest Tube station to the event is Moorgate.


This is little old me at last years Britmums. I wont be wearing the hat but I will be wearing glasses. And probably jeans. I will also wear a nice vest top and show off my tanned arms as well (although I wont be getting my legs out. Or wearing a crop top, you don't need to be seeing the Battle scars of pregnancy as Elder calls them).

I will probably be found hooting with laughter with Pippa and Amy. Or walking around hugging people. Or trying to pinch free wine. 

I will however be there for anyone who wants me. So feel free to come and find me for a hug, a joke and a bit of a hand hold. I don't bite, contrary to some urban legends.

So, who is coming then? I promise you, even if you are nervous right now, you'll leave with a big fat grin on your face, belly full of cupcakes and full of ideas.

Cannot. Wait. My friendlies.

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