Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Doing Your Part for Local Charities*

Charities are important services and while we look to them for support, we don’t always acknowledge the assistance which they need.

Both local and national charities require support from fundraisers and here we look at a few things you could do to help. From understanding their role in the community to highlighting their cause or simply looking into fundraising opportunities, there is always something you can do. No matter how little it might seem, it is always worthwhile to help a good cause.


First of all, these charities often highlight the very best of your local community. After all, a charity is often comprised of people doing something out of the goodness of their heart or working in roles specifically aimed at helping others and making a difference.

With local charities, this often has a direct impact on the local community and area. It might not affect you directly but, as part of the community, you have a chance to become more integrated.

Additionally, you never know when you might need to use the service either so helping to ensure it’s still operational is highly important.

Unsung heroes

Likewise, let's not forget that donating money or volunteering, helps contribute to those who might not get the attention they deserve. We all know the major national charities but how much do we know about the good deeds right on our doorstep?

Whether it's Herts Air Ambulance or any other service, these are charities and people that don't always get the praise and attention they deserve. Volunteering or doing your part can change that. Whether your contribution is large or small, it's putting the name out there and increasing recognition.

Putting the 'fun' in fundraising

Finally, you can combine a lot of these elements and look into fundraising. This can be a useful method of gaining money for a local cause but it also has a lot to benefits for you as well. Raising funds encourages you to get out there. Not only do you become integrated with the community as a result but it pushes you to do something you wouldn't otherwise do and thus occupy more of your free time.

Let's not forget that the gift of giving can also make people feel good about themselves. In other words, if you're going to donate money then why not have some fun whilst trying to raise as much as possible?

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