Monday, 29 July 2013

The Postcard Project

The holidays are here, and, of course, we've had our main holiday in Crantock thanks to Actimel already. Naughty us.

That means the day the holidays started, Mini came home with a folder containing her holiday homework- all five pages of it. There are words to learn, websites to view, and maths to gen up on. Which is fine I suppose as I was going to get the pair of them to do an hour of reading, maths and English work to keep them from watching TV the whole holidays and being back to square one come September.

The thing that is a slight annoyance is that which probably annoys most parents- the Holiday Diary.

They have upped the ante so to speak at our school in that a prize (head, meet desk) will be given to the best one. So, the kids going abroad and who have middle class Boden wearing parents and a wardrobe full of White Company linen are well sorted then. 

The likes of us who have sod all planned bar a few trips to the park and barbecues in the garden are thoroughly screwed.

The idea is that you keep tickets and things for all the places we are supposed to be visiting in the holidays. Of course, this means Mini now wants to visit Legoland, Windsor Castle and anywhere else that requires I park with upwards of £50 just to enter. Seen as my purse resembles the leather equivalent of Old Mother Hubbards cupboards, I am doubly screwed my friends. They don't give out tickets for the park after all. That and my printer works when it wants and was sold by Argos as having cheap inks. What they mean is the inks cost more than the printer did, and if you dare to use fakes off Ebay, the printer will sneer like Naomi Campbell when faced with lukewarm tap water rather than the posh alternative.

I had to think what on earth I could do to fill up the pages of the rather attractive notebook I bought her from the 99p Shop in town.

So, I got my blogging buddies involved, and my goodness they rock my friendlies.

I thought a good way to fill the pages of the book, if we aren't going away ourselves is to have others, where ever they may be, send the Brats a postcard instead. Mini loves getting post and Littlest never gets any other the hospital appointments, and being cheap and varied, I thought this was a good thing to try out. Not only that, but if we do go to Windsor, or down to Kent, we can pick up a postcode for a matter of pennies and put these in too.

First up was Jade who blogs at Late for Reality, who was pleased to help as she was testing out an app from Touchnote, which lets you send a postcard with your own images on from your phone. They think of everything these days don't they!?

Here is Mini with the postcard:

And here is a close up of the front

And the message

It worked I'm pleased to say, and both have now been taking it in turns to share the postcard. It's nice to see see something so old school bring happiness to the Brats. I'm hoping for some more over the holidays, and I'm sure Mini will blog them on her new blog- her other little holiday project.

Thanks to Jade and Ted too!


  1. Oh I am so pleased they liked it! I will be sure to include their excitement in our Touchnote review. It really is amazing what we can do now! xx

  2. Wow I want to do it too! -HMx


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