Friday, 20 December 2013

#20YearsAgo Flashback Friday- Oh Dear.

I spotted a rather amazing picture of the always gorgeous Cafe Bebe, looking all American Princess, in a join in linky called #20YearsAgoFlashbackFriday a few days back on Facebook.

Firstly, I was shocked that it was 25 years old (5 years, surely Karin?) but then I spotted that a fair few other's had joined in with MummyBarrow's link, quite bravely.

Now, 20 Years ago, I was 11, and moved from Primary- where I considered myself cool owing to the fact I was good at Bulldog and Red Rover and had many mates- to Secondary- where I was by far the least cool in my entire year. For 5 years.

Now, I don't have many pictures of me in my younger days (thank God, I was an ugly child I can tell you, with cold sores,  wonky teeth and crap glasses for basically 18 years), but I do have one from 20 years ago, as well as one from before that too, in about 1987. You can tell it's 80's down to my shirt. And the fact my hair is short as I was obsessed by Annie Lennox.

So, please, no laughing at the back, here is my entry into the linky (of shame unless you are Marianne).

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